Simply Klever


Whether you’re always at the gym, or you have a job where wearing your wedding ring isn’t ideal then these would be perfect for you. These fit true to size, and are comfortable to wear all day. They do not seem to stretch out over time, and would be hard to break. I tend to take my ring off when I wash dishes, clean, even when I am cooking,  and rarely wear it to work (I’m a nanny) because I feel like I am going to scratch the kids with my bling. So these are perfect for days I have a lot to do and don’t want to worry about my ring. This set comes in a nice variety of colors that are true to the color shown online. I love that it comes with 3 different colors, so you can match your workout outfits, or even just your mood. I love the aqua, as it is my fave color, so I definitely have worn that one the most. At the end of the day its nice to have a cute pouch to put these rings back in so you do not lose them. Great to keep your diamond ring in to protect it while wearing the silicone band if you plan on switching back to it later in the day.

I would definitely recommend this ring set for yourself, or the women in your life that is always on the go. Whole sizes 5-9. Great price for 3 bands! $14.95 on Amazon
I received this product in exchange for my honest opinion. All opinions are my own.


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