Barbeqa – Getting roasted


These roasting sticks were just what this “wish I were camping right now” woman needed! Its been a long winter, and in the northeast, just as long of a spring already, so It was nice to have an excuse to light up the chimnea with our Walden sure-fire starters & roast some marshmallows. Because, who doesn’t want to roast marshmallows on a dreary, cool evening?


Upon opening you see these sticks come in a nice pouch. Perfect for travel and throwing in your bag for camp. The forks telescope, so they fit nicely inside the bag, and then extend to 32″ to keep you, and your hands at a safe distance while roasting over the fire. Perfect size tongs for cooking your marshmallows, hot dogs, fruit, or any other items you feel the need to catch on fire. The handles are wooden, and sturdy, and the top twists off to make for easy clean up. Washes up nicely with soap and water, and will definitely hold up for many years of use.
I look forward to using these around the campfire this summer, and think for the price you will too!

Sold on Amazon for $26.99

We were provided this product in exchange for our honest opinion. All opinions are our own.


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