Turntable Showdown

In recent years, vinyl records have been making a huge comeback. Audiophiles are hunting down their favorite albums of the past, bands are releasing new music on vinyl, and DIY record labels are releasing music never before available on wax. With vinyl making its comeback, companies worldwide are cashing in the on the craze and releasing a variety of turntables. This time we are looking to two one-in-one briefcase turntables. While they look the same on the outside, it’s what’s inside that sets one apart from the other. It’s 1byOne versus Innovative Technology.

The Case:

IMG_9871At first glance both look the same. They are relatively the same size and weight, but have slightly different hardware. The Innovative Technology turntable has a single latch lock with small rubber feet, while the 1byone player has a nice toggle latch with larger rubber feet. In addition, the 1ByOne player has a nice leather wrapped handle, adding the elegance and vintage feel of the machine. With a much more refined look, this round goes to 1byone.


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Since both turntables are the same size, I find it very odd when it comes to where the turntable controls were place on the 1byone player. Instead of being inside the player and next to the actual player, the power and volume control is located on the outside of the player, leaving it always exposed and vulnerable to any possible damage. In addition to the controls being on the side of the machine, so is the power input, auxiliary input, as well as the RCA outputs. So when in use, instead of having cords out of sight, they are coming out of the side of the machine like some sort of lab experiment. That’s not exactly a good look. Where 1byone does things wrong, Innovative Technology does it right. The volume/power knob is located inside the casing, so it’s only exposed when it’s open and being used. The Power input and RCA outputs are on the back on the machine and out of side, while the headphone and input jacks are locked by the power switch. Because of a much better thought out control and input layout, the winner of this round is: Innovative Technology


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This is where you can really see (or should I say hear?) a difference. And Innovative Technologies takes this round by a long shot. The 1byOne turntable is very tinny sounding with absolutely no low end. Unfortunately, when it comes to listening to music, the speakers are doing a major part of the work. Without good speakers, your listening experience will certainly suffer. At first glance, I knew the 1byOne turntable wasn’t going to have the best sound, based off the cheap plastic guards used to cover the speaker. They are, sadly, an eyesore and do not match with the rest of the style of the briefcase. The speakers on the Innovative Technologies player are covered by a nice flat metal plate, and have a much better sound response. While they aren’t million dollar speakers, there is a distinct different between the two players. If the small built in speakers aren’t enough for you, both players have a headphone out as well as an RCA output, so you can hear your records on a much larger stereo. This round goes to: Innovative Technology.

And The Winner is…

Due to a more well thought out product, Innovative Technology comes out of top. With its improved speaker quality and the fact that controls and inputs are in much better places, Innovative Technology is the device I would go with. I think 1byone had a great concept on paper, but I think designers focused too much on the look of it, than its actual purpose. But then again, since it does have an audio out, you can always hook it up to a larger stereo. Just be prepared to have those ugly cords sticking out of the side.

Thanks to having two copies of the same album, I was really able to compare these two players side by side. (Be sure to check out the band Punchline. They are one of my favorite bands, and are some really cool dudes.)



We received some or all of these items for free or at a discount in exchange for an honest review.


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