1byone wireless charger

I was very excited to try out the #1byoneWirelessCharger to charge my Samsung Galaxy Note 5. I have wanted a wireless charger since I purchased this phone back in October, but couldn’t justify the price of the Samsung one at the time, so I put off getting it. I thought it would be an easy way to charge your phone. Lay it down, and walk away. Easily pick it up when receiving a call or needing to respond to a text, without cords in the way. Cool, right? Maybe.

After receiving it I tried using this charger multiple times. With different cases, without the case, with the plug it came with, with the charging cable I normally use…and every time, it failed to charge my phone. It would start out connected & say it was charging (by say, I mean it would *boop*& show the lightening bolt over battery, and the light on charger would light up , and withing seconds, or minutes it would disconnect, and then connect again, and then disconnect….over and over. The *boop boop* sound of charging off and on was rather annoying. Some nights it seemed to be connecting fine, but by morning, my phone would almost be dead. No charge. I am not sure if I had a faulty charger, or if, for some reason it will just not link up to charge with my model phone (even though it says it should work with the note 5). Over all it is a very cool idea, if only it worked properly.


I received this product for free in exchange for my honest opinion. All opinions are my own.

If interested in checking this charger out you can purchase it HERE on Amazon for $19.99


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