Get The Knots Out – Amsana Massage Balls

Muscle tension and knots are not fun. They can cause pain and tension. There isn’t always somewhere nearby to give you a rub down, and professional massages cost a lot of money. But for a few bucks, Amsana has a few different massage ball products that can help ease your pain.

I was lucky enough to have Amsana send me their Lacrosse Ball and Double Lacrosse Ball Massage Balls to try out. While many think Lacrosse Balls are just for the sport, they are becoming more common for people to be used to relieve muscle tension and rub out sore muscles. To be honest I prefer one over the other, but they both have their advantages.

PIC1The Single Lacrosse Ball style massager I think is my favorite of the two. It is designed to give you muscle pain relief simply by adding pressure to the problem area. In most cases, the Lacrosse Ball technique is used for areas around the back and shoulders. I typically find that my shoulders are the tightest part of my body and commonly need to be loosened up or worked out after a tough session of Crossfit. To work out my shoulder blades, I simply lie on my back, then place the ball on the inside of my shoulder blade. From there, I rock my body around, hitting any knots or problem areas. Even as I write this review, I am switching the ball between my feet, pressing the ball into my arches. You can get yours from Amazon Here.

PIC2The Dual Lacrosse Ball (or Peanut) Massage Ball is similar in functionality, but is more for those sensitive areas up and down the spine. Instead of having pressure accidentally applied to your vertebrae, the two balls hug you spine, leaving a space for your bones. While this is a good way to massage out any tension on the muscles directly surrounding the spine, I feel as if there isn’t any functionality for the Dual Lacrosse Ball beyond that. However, I think the best use for the peanut massage ball if for the back of your calves. I was able to place my leg on top of the ball, then by lifting myself up with my arms, rock back and forth, using the weight of my leg on the ball to massage out the muscle. In fact, I would say that would be the main use for the double ball massage. In the past, if you were looking to use a something similar, you had to actually use medical tape to fuse two lacrosse balls together. It’s nice that Amsana came out with a product to eliminate that process. You can get yours from Amazon Here.

If you’re looking for a lacrosse ball massager, of course you can go the cheap route and buy a lacrosse ball, but why not pick up buy a ball designed specifically for bringing relief to your tense muscles. Each Amsana massage ball comes with a nylon carrying case. If I had to choose, I’d pick up the Single Lacrosse Ball. It’s less than 8 bucks, and can be carried anywhere.

We received these items for free or at a discount in exchange for an honest review


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