Eyewear Required: Ancient Greek Oil

Oil. It’s not just for making delicious french fries… And just because I am a guy doesn’t mean I can’t take care of my skin. In fact, I need to take care of my skin. I constantly deal with dry skin, psoriasis and eczema. The skin condition trifecta! So i need to make sure I take care of my skin. After getting this Ancient Greek Remedy Oil sent to us to try out, I’ve been applying it when I can.

411ygmQwVgL._SS300_Unlike a small bottle of concentrated oil, this spray bottle in a combination of Olive, Lavender, Almond and GrapeSeed Oil. With the addition of some Vitamin E, you can really take care of your skin. I found that this stuff works best when fresh out of the shower. Once toweled dry, just apply a generous amount to your skin and rub in.

Unlike some oil or common creams and moisturizers, this remedy oil has a unique scent. It’s not floral, or vanilla, but it was a scent. It’s not bad in any way, but in my eyes, it’s a smell more suited for a guy that a gal. It’s a bit musky, but not terrible. So if you are considering on lathering this all of your body be ready.

This oil can be used for more than just giving your skin a silky smooth feeling. According to the product description online,  you can use this oil to treat cysts, blisters, rashes, shingles, sunburn and more. Sorry I wasn’t willing to intentionally burn myself or get shingles to test it’s healing power. But from what I’ve seen other essential oils do it the past, it might be worth a shot, if you are suffering from some sort of skin condition.

If you want to try this oil being for yourself, you can get it for less than 8 bucks here.

Eye Protection Required:

Oils should not be administered via a spray bottle. They do not mist well…. at all. The Ancient Greek Remedy Oil comes in a spray bottle. But, when you press down on the bottle, you do not get a fine mist that covers your body. Instead you direct a direct stream as if being shot out of a sniper rifle water cannot. This direct stream causes the oil to bounce off your leg, arm, or body; causing oil shrapnel to fire off in various directions… including your eyes. Trust me, I am a victim. But it didn’t sting or burn. That’s a very good thing. If you want to use this, I’d suggest spaying onto a cotton ball, or at least away from your face.



This item was provided for free or at a discounted rate in exchange for an honest review


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