Keeping Your Firewood Dry with Leader Accessories

81NSA7czzZL._SL1500_Winter is coming to a close, but soon enough we will all be outside, sitting around campfires and fire pits, telling stories and roasting marshmallows. But to ensure no one rains or your parade… or firewood, Leader Accessories has the wood rack just for you.

Leader Accessories sent us their latest wood rack for us to try out. Once unpacked, the rack took only a few minutes to set up. All the hardware is included, including the tools. But when I say hardware, there isn’t much there. The entire stand is held together with just 8 sets of nuts and bolts (4 on each side). With minimal set up required, you’ll be loading up wood before you know it.

IMG_9742The 4 foot wood rack we were sent, is incredibly durable. Once it was all put together, it felt sturdy. It didn’t feel like it would topple over or the metal would easily bend. But it’s the cover that really makes this product shine; and in my opinion, is what you are really paying for.

61VtqVxDozL._SL1000_The cover is made of a very durable water proof canvas material to ensure your wood stays dry. On the front of the cover a door that is tightly sealed via two strips of velcro running along each side. The benefit of the door is the fact that your wood pile can stay dry year round, and when you need wood, you don’t have to risk getting all of your wood wet in a rain storm, by having to remove the entire cover. In addition to the door, there are two vents on the sides of the cover. This prevents a built up of moisture, and allows for nice airflow keeping your wood dry.

If you think the 4′ rack is too small for your needs, they also have an 8′ option as well (And it’s only $10 more!).  You can check that out here.

Get it while you can: While the coupon code is still available get your Leader Accessories wood rack for 40% from off using the promo coupon code: DB6ONJWD




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