Countertop Torch


When getting ready to test out this culinary torch by CounterTop I was a little worried I may burn the house down. I’m not a big fan of fire, or lighters, or…burning myself. So, I was a bit scared when I realized I had to figure out how to use this AND fill it with fuel myself. (Note: Fuel is not included and must be purchased separately. I bought this fuel on Amazon.) I was happy when I realized it is actually easy to figure out, and easy to fill. You just remove the bottom base, tip upside down, and press the fuel canister into the bottom hole. It will have a slight overflow when filled, which happened fairly quickly. You then set it right side up for 4-5 minutes before using. In that time, I prepped my food that I wanted to scorch!  Ok, so turns out I was actually looking forward to setting something on fire now. I mean, not my house or anything but definitely the marshmallows I was about to roast.



I decided to make a personal sized s’mores bake. All you need is a mini ramekin, mini or broken up graham crackers, (teddy grahams or these Horizon organic grahams works great!) chocolate chips, and some mallows! Just layer and you’re ready to go.


With an easy pull down of the safety tab, and a push of the back red button it instantly lights. You can then adjust the size of the flame by moving the right side tab either to the – or + side and then clicking the left red tab to lock the flame. It will then stay lit until you hit the red tab back again, which makes it turn right off. Easy peasy. Within seconds my marshmallows were on fire! Of course, they heat up so fast that the chocolate had no time to melt. So I recommend popping it in the micro first for about 10-15 seconds, and then roasting them when it comes out. Ooey-Gooey goodness. Try this quick and easy recipe the next time you’re craving something sweet. And try out this CounterTop Culinary Torch for yourself. It’s only $19.99 on Amazon. Cheaper then a lot of competitive brand torches on the site, and well worth the price! I am looking forward to trying out some new recipes with this torch.


We received this time for free in exchange for our honest opinion. All opinions are our own.


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