Spartans Vs. Vikings: Battle of Speed Rope Hill

I have been doing Crossfit for just almost a year now, and just recently have I started working on my jump rope skills. In the world of Crossfit, we do these things calls Double-Unders. I’m not talking about your momma’s double dutch. Double-Unders consist of having the rope spin under you twice per jump. But in order to be consistent in a moment like this, you need to have a rope that can spin that fast. Luckily for me, I was able to try out two brands of speeds ropes. It’s time for the battle of WOD Viking and Spartan Fit. But only one will walk away victorious.

Spartan Fit:
For less than $10, you can get into the speed rope game with Spartan Fit. IMG_9675The Spartan Fit Speed rope is much like other brand speed ropes, but does step it up a bit. Some speed ropes are all plastic. The Spartan Fit rope has a nice metal end with ball bearings to ensure you can get a quick spin on your rope. The rope’s hand is a little bit thicker (but still light) when compared to other speed ropes, but it fits well in the hands. Since practice makes perfect, do not be worried about wearing this rope down. The Spartan Fit rope comes with a nice 100% Lifetime warranty. If you find that the rope isn’t for you, you can even return if for a full refund.
WOD Viking:

For just under $12 ($1 more than the Spartan Fit Rope) you get not only the jump rope and bag, IMG_9670but you will also get an extra rope and hardware. The WOD Viking rope, has a slightly more advanced pivot point for the rope to get that fast spin. In addition to having a spinning joint at the end of the handle, there is also a ball joint allowing the rope to spin even more fluid. The handle is also a little bit thicker than the Spartan fit rope, but has a few grooves going down the side to improve grip. Thanks to the extra rope and hardware, you can either have two ropes cut at different lengths for you and your partner, or have one as a backup incase the other one wears down, even though the rope comes with a 100% lifetime guarantee.


The Bottom Line:

For me, I think WOD Viking is going to win this battle. For just an extra dollar over that of the Spartan Fit rope, you get an extra rope, and a more evolved point of rotation. The fact that you are getting more for just a little bit extra puts it ahead. While both ropes come with a carrying bag, I wouldn’t suggest always using it. Because the ropes are coated wires, if you wrap up the rope to put it in the bag, the rope can get a little tangled. That can cause some issues when trying to speed rope. My suggestion, is keep it hanging if you can.


Want to pick up one of your own get them here:

WOD Viking

Spartan Fit




We received these items for free or at a discount in exchange for an honest review.

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