The Pocket Jumper

No one ever wants to deal with a dead car battery. Whether you left your lights on while at work all day, or left something on overnight, getting your car running can be a pain. Not only do you need to find your jumper cables, you need to find a friend with a car who’s available to get you out of your jam. If you do have someone available, you better hope your car is parked in a way that they can pull up to so you can run your old tangled up jumper cables. Face it, it’s not a fun situation. Even just describing the scenario is making me frustrated. Well luckily, I will never have to go through that again. And it’s all thanks to the 1byone Portable Car Jump Starter.

Sure we’ve have portable car jump starters before, but they are big and clunky. When it comes down to it, they are essentially car batteries inside of a plastic shell. But they require a lot of maintenance, and don’t exactly fit in your pocket. The 1byone Portable Car Jump Starter in about the size of a supersized cell phone. Speaking of cell phones, it can even be used to charge your phone. But we’ll get to that in a bit.

IMG_9543Using the 1byone is simple. Once you have the device charged up. Just leave it in your car for when its needed. It comes in a nice carrying case to keep everything in one place and protected. If the time ever comes you or a friend need a jump you can leap into action. Simply connect the clamps to the battery terminals and press a button. You will get a 30 second countdown. During that 30 second window, you simply start the car. The 1byone should give you enough juice the get going. I put the charger to the ultimate test by trying to jump my summer driver that has been sitting since December. Three months later the battery was pretty much dead. Unfortunately, the battery was far too gone to be jumped by the 1byone. I don’t think that is any fault of the pocket charger. I just think it’s only meant to be used by cars which are typically used all day and just need a quick jump.

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Not only can the 1byone be used to give your car battery some extra juice. It can also be used to charge your cell phones and other portable devices. The pocket charger includes a USB port which can be used for a variety of items. While I was able to give my iPhone 6 a full charge in just over two hours, I really think the 1byone could have used two USB port, only because there are so many other battery charger packs out there, and most of them have at least two ports. It seems to be common practice now.

If you’ve been looking for a car charger to keep in your trunk or in the back seat of your car, or you’re looking to upgrade your old clunky one, give the 1byone charger a try. Typically over $120, you get can one for just $80 at


We received this product for free or at a discount in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.


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