No More Windshield rings – LIANSING Phone Mount

Remember when people used to take pictures with cameras and needed to buy expensive GPS devices to get around? Well times have changed. Phones have become the ultimate all-in-one device. When it comes to using your phone as a GPS (or when using it at all in the car) your phone needs to be mounted. There are plenty of options out there. But are they they best? Suction cup mounts can lose their grip, leaving rings around your windshield, while flexible arms are not always dependable. There are also those as-seen-on-tv devices. But those are often expensive. So why run the risk, when you can get a dependable mount for less than ten bucks?

LIANSING sent us their latest air-vent cellphone mount to check out. Right off the bat, the first thing I noticed is the fact that it can hold larger phones. Many of the cellphone mounts i’ve seen over the years are not adjustable, so you’re stuck with what you get; or they have expandable arms, but do not expand enough to hold larger devices. That is not a issue at all for the LIANSING car mount. The mount had no problem getting a tight grip on my iPhone 6 or the little lady’s Galaxy Note. That’s not all the phone can hold. According to LIANSING, the mount can hold your Galaxy, Nexus and HTC Phones. To secure your phone, all you is press a button on the back to expand the arms, swivel out the support feet on the bottom, then squeeze the arms to the sides of your phone. If you need to, the mount is on a ball joint, so you can move it around to the angle that best fits you. That’s it. You’re good to go.
Unlike car mounts that attach to your windshield, this mount clips into your car’s air vent.  This not only prevents those unsightly rings on your windshield, it also mIMG_9523akes the phone closer to you, if for any reason you need your device within an arm’s reach. When compared to other air vent mounts, this one is much more advanced. The mount has a spring loaded clip that snaps the mount onto the air-vent and has two support feet on the bottom to ensure the phone stays stable, and does not put too much pressure on the actual air-vent, preventing any damage to your car.

We did havIMG_9526e one issue with the mount. While testing, the mount decided to toss the little lady’s phone across the car while taking a turn. It seems that the screw that holds the mount to the actual clip that mounts to the air-vent was loose. This caused the device to flip over, sending the phone across the car. This was remedied by a few turns of a screwdriver, but it shouldn’t have arrived like that.

If you’re looking for a decent cell phone for your mount, for less than 10 bucks, the LIANSING mount is a great option, you can pick one up today from

We received this product for free or at a discount in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.

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