Silicone is The New Platinum

After getting to try out the XYZlicone Silicone wedding band, I was excited to find out that there are a number of companies offering silicone alternatives for wedding bands. Lucky for me, RINGFINITY was kind enough to hook me up with one of theirs to try out for myself.

IMG_9385Like many other silicone wedding bands, the RINGFINITY ring is made of a soft malleable silicone allowing you to wear that symbol of love whether you’re doing work or working out. Instead of putting your finger in danger of getting hurt or caught on anything, this ring is designed to break (or snap) if there is enough pressure. And because it’s made of silicone, the ring is washable. Got some dirt on it? Run it under some water. Grease? Water. Taco sauce? Water.

IMG_9494What sets the RINGFINITY apart from some of the other rings out there is it’s added flare. Other silicone wedding bands I have seen are completely smooth on the outside. While this provides a nice, slick look; the RINGFINITY ring has a double debossed look, similar to many metal rings popular with men today.

If you want to pick up a RINGFINITY ring for yourself, you can pick one up today for less than $10 on If you aren’t satisfied, they come with a 30 day warranty.

DVD Extras:

It’s been a while since I did one of these. What I found comical, was the size of the box the ring came in. In typical fashion, the tiny 2″x2″ box was in a massive box. I’ll just let the picture below speak for itself.

Processed with MOLDIV


*RINGFINITY offered their item to us for free or at a deep discount for review purposes*

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