Vinkesso Cheese Knives


Item arrived well packaged, and in great condition. Upon opening, you see a nice black box with silver writing, and a display of what types of cheese knives are enclosed. All of the knives are snugly placed inside, so they do not move around or fall out easily. They look to be great quality. All stainless steel with only a tiny logo on each knife. They recommend you hand-wash only, which I don’t mind. They are easy to clean, and continue to look new after multiple uses.
I find it helpful that the box shows which knife to use with certain types of cheeses. It is nice to finally have a knife set to use with not only hard cheeses, but to use with soft and crumbly cheeses as well, such as Feta or Gorgonzola. You can easily spread Brie, slice Havarti, or crumble Blue Cheese for your next cheese plate. This is a perfect set if you like to entertain, or know someone who does. Would make a great gift!


crumbly knife used with smoked feta

We received this item at a deep discount in exchange for our honest opinion. All opinions are our own.

You can purchase yours now on Amazon for around $20!
*You can also register these knives for a 2 year warranty.

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