Going Seamless with Your iPhone

41L4iNWbOXLThere is a study that says there are more cell phones than there are people in the world. Well there are also more cell phone cases than there are cell phones. That’s a lot of cases. Today we are taking a look at the new Seamless iPhone case.

We were able to get our hands on a case to test out through Seamless and Tomoson. Ever since my first iPhone, my phones have always been in their cases. From the moment I buy them, they are immediately put into a case. I’ve always been that way. Knowing that iPhones have such a great resale market and retain their value, I’ve always wanted to keep mine in the best shape possible (minus that one time I accidentally dropped one in the toilet).

71gkgLeojgL._SL1500_I’m not exactly one for bulky cases either. While I thought the seamless case was going to
add a bit to much girth to my phone, by the means of its rubber and hard plastic coating; I was conveniently surprised that it didn’t make it too thick at all. The Seamless Creative case consists of a rubber shell and a hard plastic back plate. The rubber provides the protection while the hard plastic keeps it rigid.

One of the issues, I have with this case is the same as I’ve experienced with other cases. The buttons are too hard to press. The case wrapped fully around the edge of the phone, covering the power and volume buttons. While I am OK with this protection, the rubber covering the buttons are extremely hard to press. This is just a semi inconvenience when trying to put the phone in standby. That issue aside, I am still very happy with the case.

If you want to go #Seamless yourself, you can buy one now at Amazon.com 

If you want to check out my unboxing and first thoughts about this case, check out the video below.



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