A Wedding Band for The Active Couple

So a lot has changed for us in recent months. We bought a house, we got engaged, and I started doing Crossfit. Of course, that last one doesn’t seem as important as the first two, but I did find a wedding band that will allow me to work out without destroying my ring.

Silicone wedding bands are the latest trend for those extra active athletes. Typically, when hitting the gym, people will take off their wedding band. But silicone wedding bands allow you to keep your ring on without having to worry about it getting damaged, or getting caught or hurting your finger.
XYZlicone was nice enough to give us a discount on my wedding band. As a guy, I’ve never been a huge fan of wearing rings. To me, they were never comfortable, and I always had a fear of them getting stuck. At least with a silicone band, I know they are somewhat stretchy, so I can take them off with just a little extra effort. And if extra force was ever needed, all I’d really need is a nice pair of scissors.

If you go to the gym or play any sports that require you to take off your wedding band, I strongly suggest getting a ring from XYZlicone. This way you can keep that connection to your significant other, and she doesn’t have to worry about you not having a ring on when you walk by those girls on the treadmills.

Get your XYZlicone band today here: http://www.amztk.com/xyzliconepromo



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