Silk® Dairy-Free Yogurt Alternative


We were recently sent coupons to try the new Silk Dairy Free Yogurt for free, and I couldn’t wait to try them out. I have always been a Silk fan, and recently I have been looking for a dairy free yogurt that actually tastes good. There are a few out there now that do not have the best taste or texture…like the Almond Dream yogurt. Not the best. So, I was excited to try this out, and hopeful that it would actually taste nice, and it did! I loved them. They’re creamy, and actually taste like real yogurt. All while not bothering my stomach like regular dairy based yogurt usually does. I tried out the Strawberry and Vanilla flavors (Vanilla was my fave!), and hope to get the rest of the flavors to try out soon. My local Shop Rite only had 2 of the 6 flavors at the time of purchase, but it is also available in blueberry, peach & mango, black cherry, & tropical pineapple. You can check out their website HERE to find out where you can find your favorite flavors!
*now also available in a 24oz size in plain & vanilla!


I love these yogurts in the morning with my favorite granola, and some fresh berries!

These Silk Yogurts contain 6 grams of plant-protein per serving, as well as calcium & vitamin D. They are also free of: cholesterol, dairy, carrageenan, lactose, gluten, & casein. Healthy…and delicious! So if you’re looking for a dairy-free yogurt full of flavor, great taste, and a smooth texture, then be sure to check these out.


Try yours with Mamma Chia granola…so good!

Available in your local supermarkets for around $1.49 each & if you sign up on Silks website now you can get a coupon for .75 off!


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