Chromo Lightning Cables – First Party Quality at a Third Party Price

Let’s face it, having just one charging cable for your phone is just not enough. You need one next to your bed, another at the office, and an emergency one in the car for those “just in case” moments. But, buying charging cables for your iPhone directly from Apple can quickly add up. That’s where Chromo Inc. comes in. Chromo offers a third party cable that has the same quality as one you would buy directly from Apple. Chromo sent me one of its MFI Certified Lightning Cables to try out for myself.

edf06288938766f8df797d7df7f651925781d842Unlike other third party charging cables, Chromo cables are MFI Certified. This means they are certified to work with iPhones, iPod, and iPads. Not all third party cables can say that. While those three little letters may not seem like much, it makes a big difference when it comes to the quality of the product. Because Chromo’s cables are Apple certified, they work just like the one that came with your phone. The cable is compatible will all of your Lightning Cable devices and charges just as fast. Other third party cables that are not Apple Certified are not as reliable, are flimsy, and do not charge devices as quickly as the real deal.

If you’re like me and can never have enough charging cables for your phone, pick up a Chromo Cable. They are just as good as your originals, but only a fraction of the price. You can order yours now at Want to see what else Chromo has to offer? Visit their website.

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