Homegrown Collective


There are so many subscription boxes out there now, that it’s hard to decide which ones to subscribe to. Some you may have never realized existed. This may be one of those. Homegrown Collective is different than the typical subscription box you may think of. It’s part beauty, part food, part nature. Eco-conscious and a DIY lovers dream.


Upon opening you will see papers in a plastic sleeve, that will show you how to DIY a variety of products that can be made with that months box contents.


eco-friendly packaging inside, and out.


Inside you will find all the goods that it will take to make everything from body scrub, to infused oil & vinegar. They even send you the ball jar, strainer, and funnel to do your tasks, and oil & vinegar bottles to store your creations in.

For the person who loves to DIY their own products, this is an amazing box for you! It is not only fun, but it is rewarding. Knowing you created that flavored oil/vinegar that tops your salad, or favorite pasta dish is amazing. It is also amazing that all of the products are organic, good for your body, and the earth. With easy to follow instructions, even the not so handy person can figure this stuff out.

Lets get making some stuff and see how it goes…

DSC02547First up was the Foot/body scrub. Simply mix your own sugar or sea salt (I used sugar), and add a bit of the included olive oil. Stir and store in the included mason jar. I added a bit of lavender essential oils to mine btw. It’s a nice addition, that will help make your foot soak/scrub or body scrub in the shower that much more relaxing.


Next up was infusing the oil and vinegar. At first I thought I’d be doing both together, like a dressing, but instructions stated otherwise. (you can mix them later!) You can choose to do either a cold or hot infusion method. I chose hot, as it does not take as long and I’m a bit impatient.

First you add the full bottle of either the vinegar or oil to a mason jar or a double boiler. I found it easiest to use a mason jar, and since I already used the one in the box to make the scrub, it was great that I had extras around here (because maybe I’m slightly obsessed with them). It was easy to pour the oil/vinegar into them and add 2 tbsp of each herb to make whatever flavor you want infused.

For my Olive Oil I chose a Rosemary, Basil, & Pepper infusion

For my Olive Oil I chose a Rosemary, Basil, & Chili Pepper infusion

You place the jar into boiling water, and then let it simmer for at least an hour. Simple right? That’s because Homegrown Collective made us realize that it’s actually really easy to be self-sufficient and creative with our every day lives.

I chose to infuse the balsamic vinegar with lemon peel & rosemary.

I chose to infuse the balsamic vinegar with lemon peel & rosemary.

infusing the balsamic

infusing the balsamic

The only complaint I had, was that for the price of this monthly subscription box, you would think I would get enough oil to do both the scrub and infusion tasks. But alas, the amount called for in the infusion recipe, is the whole bottle (same with the vinegar) and if I chose to do that first, I would not have had any left to make the scrub. I do wish it came with the amounts needed for all the DIYs they include. Perhaps, you just need to choose what you will DIY wisely, and hope you have extra ingredients laying around the house. I was also disappointed that the oil & vinegar jars leak terribly after every use. Pouring out from all sides of the cap and down the bottle. I will definitely be replacing these, and wish they weren’t made so cheaply. They state the following on their site “we do not want to send you anything that will end up in the garbage heap.” but sadly, they will be…ok, the jars will be recycled, but still. I will not be keeping them.


the leaky bottles…after they were wiped clean.

Overall, I think this is a fun box to receive. Always different, because they’re seasonably appropriate, and it makes you feel like you’re actually making some of the things you see on pinterest! If you’re into diy-ing products that are better for both you and the environment then this may be something you will love to get each month. But also a little bit pricey. For those on a budget, this may not be the box for you, but it is still inspiring to know what simple, clean products can create. So go out and DIY a little something in your home today!

A little more info:

The Homegrown Collective is a collective of Members participating in a unique subscription service. Utilizing a “group buying” strategy, they seasonally curate the boxes and pass the savings along to you. You will be billed for your subscription each month until you unsubscribe.

Priced at $39/month + $9 S&H  or 3 months for $105 + S&H or 6 months for $234 free S&H or 12 months for $429 free S&H and 1 free month.

You can also gift 1 or 3 month boxes!

100% satisfaction, hassle free, money-back guarantee if anything is broken, or if you’re unhappy with what you receive.

*We were sent this box from Homegrown Collective for review purposes.




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