Dollar Shave Club

With the huge range of subscription boxes out there now, it’s hard to figure out just what ones may be worth the money, and actually full of useful products. We’re testing some of them now, to let you know what we think, and for you to see just what’s inside.

We’re starting with the Dollar Shave Club, or DSC for short. They were kind enough to send us a box so we could share what we thought with all of you. From shipment date until arrival it takes about 3-5 days. It was right on time, and arrived as you see below (minus that handy package opener on top blocking our address) in a regular cardboard box, nicely sealed, and sharing with us that using DSC can save you time…and money. So let’s see if that’s true.


Upon opening you’re greeted with a nice welcome…to your better bathroom. On top we also find a little pamphlet called “The Bathroom minutes” that has a few games, and fun things to read while using the restroom. Bathroom humor. Who doesn’t love that?!


When we fold back the black paper we see a nice selection of bathroom essentials. Shaving goodies, and moist wipes. DSC02305

All of these products are aimed at Men, but I think they’re useful to Women as well. The site even states that the 4x razor is great for women, and that shave butter….it had my name on it. The wipes are also for anyone… because we all like to feel fresh and clean, and when the products are made with all natural ingredients, it’s even better. Safe for sensitive skin, and we all know women are sensitive. I mean skin wise. Laugh away men…but I will steal your DSC goodies, and we will see who is sensitive then!


And, steal away I did. I never let the He to our We even touch the razor, I was in love with it. The way it looked, the 4 blades…it was mine. But it is good to share, so we shared everything else. Including a laugh at the description on the back of the wipes.


Each box contains a razor of your choice: The Humble Twin$1 The 4x$6 or The Executive$9
You can change your razor choice at anytime simply by logging into your account. For those that don’t shave very often, you can choose a not so hairy plan, and receive a box  every other month instead, or choose to pause 1, 2, or 3 months. Whatever razor you choose will also come with 1 set of refill cartridges, which will be what you receive in each shipment. Every month, you get 5 replacement razors with the Humble Twin; 4 with the 4X; and 4 with the Executive.
You can add-on the extra goodies before each shipment (and word is, they may make this part of the subscription each month) simply by adding what you need to your box.

Current prices are as follows: Shave butter$8 Post Shave$9 Wipes$4 + S&H

DSC02312So how is the razor anyway? and is it worth the price? I definitely think so. It is a great quality razor. It is not cheaply made at all, and the blades do the job, without any nicks and cuts. I find mens razors can give a much smoother shave then the typical womens razor, and this one did just that.

We all know how pricey refill cartridges can be. Sometimes, it’s just cheaper to buy a whole new razor then to buy a 4-pack of refills. That’s the great part of DSC, it ends up saving you money, and you don’t even have to make a trip to the store to buy them.


I love the look of this razor. It fits great in your hand, and looks great in your shower.


Overall I think the Dollar Shave Club is worth the subscription price. As long as you, or your significant other shave that is. Great as a gift, or for yourself.

Find out more about their blades HERE.

Box received – $27 value
Boxes start at just $1/month + S&H


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