Kingston Digital – High Speed Storage

Kingston has been one of my favorite digital storage companies. This time the company has outdone itself again with the new Hyper X Solid State Storage Drives. Kingston sent me a drive along with some other goodies to test out.  After playing with the drive for a couple months now I couldn’t be happier.

It doesn’t take much to see the advantages of having a solid state drive in your computer. Once installed, you will see your computer boot up faster, programs run smoother, and see less crashes. Installation of the Hyper X is easy. Simply take out your previous storage disc out of your computer, place the Hyper X into its mount, then place it into your computer. I installed a fresh OS onto my new drive and in less than an hour I was ready to go and use my computer.

While solid state drives are great pieces of hardware, they still have their limitations. Currently, traditional Hard Disc Drives are still better for tasks such as audio recording or video editing. But if you are the typical computer user, or even a gamer, a Kingston Hyper X drive would be perfect for you. In addition to providing great hardware, Kingston offers some of the best customer service I have ever encountered.

photo 5 The timing of Kingston sending me a new Hyper X drive, came just after a previous Kingston SSD failed. While these failures are rare, they can happen. But Kingston puts a 3 year warranty on their products, so be sure to save your receipts. If you ever run into an issue, contact Kingston, provide the correct paperwork, and you’ll be on your way to getting a replacement.

If you want to get a Kingston drive for yourself, head on over to their website now.

Kingston High Speed Storage Speed Round:

In addition to the Hyper X SSD, I was able to check out a few of Kingston’s other new products. Here is a quick round robin of some of the tech company’s latest storage drives

The Kingston DataTraveler Lophoto 1cker+ G3, is an the latest generation of its secure USB thumb drive.  The USB 3.0 stick offers high speed data transfer for all of your files. With its built in protection and encryption, you can protect all of your private files… well private. With USB 3.0 speeds to can read and write files at speeds up to 135 megabytes a second.

The Kingston High-Speed High-Density SD card combines with its MobileLite G3 card reader is perfect for photographers and people shooting High Definition video. Just a few weeks after getting these items from Kingston, I was called to shoot some video for my cousin’s wedding. I was able to use the Kingston flashcard to get all of my video then transfer the video to my computer using the MobileLite G3 card reader. The card reader isn’t just for SD cards. It’s also compatible with Micro SD cards as well as Sony Memory Sticks. So no matter what you use, Kingston has you covered.


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