Dr. Scholls DreamWalk…not so dreamy

DSC01985Dr. Scholls DreamWalk High Heel insoles were recently sent to us to try out. Since I usually hate wearing heels, because my feet are in pain in minutes, I figured these would be a perfect thing for me test out.


the bottom is a clear sticky gel, while the top has a nice soft feel and a squishy arch support

They state that they are clinically proven to help prevent foot pain, designed to fit in all stylish shoes, without crowding feet or toes, & instantly transform uncomfortable shoes into remarkably wearable shoes…really? Well, then I needed to put these in my favorite uncomfortable heels asap!


inserted into my fave uncomfortable heels

They are easy to stick into your shoes, and are thin enough that they do not effect the fit. I walked around in them for a few minutes, and realized, my feet hurt just as much. Epic fail. At least for me. I think they need more cushion in the ball of the foot. Although I liked the idea of the arch support, it didn’t seem to help support my arch at all. I’d like to know if anyone else out there has used these and found a significant difference in the comfort of your heels. Please share in the comments!

I guess my feet just aren’t meant for heels. *tear*

If you’d like to try out Dr. Scholls Dreamwalks you can go to HERE and print out a $2 off coupon!
They can be purchased at your local Walmart for $7.97



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