Special K Moments



The new bars from Kelloggs Special K are described as indulgent, and upon first bite you discover that they indeed are. The Moments snack bites come in two flavors, Caramel Pretzel Bliss & Dreamy Coconut and are only 70 calories. A quick and easy snack, that will keep help with your sweet cravings, but keep you on track with your diet. They say these are 3 bite snacks, but I’m pretty sure the He to our We ate it in 2…and I have no doubts that he could do it in 1. They are fairly small in size, but big on flavor. My personal fave was the caramel, as its my latest obsession. Salty and sweet perfection. Dave liked the coconut the best, as hes a mounds/almond joy kind of guy and this will help to fill that craving.

Perfect little snacks to throw in your lunch bag for work, the gym, or school. Also great for road trips, hiking, or camping. They’re a great size to throw in your bag or even your pocket (if you don’t mind a little melting) for a good go-to treat on the go.

You can purchase these bars in 8-count boxes for around $2.99 at your local grocery store.

my fave...yummy salty caramel

my fave…yummy salty caramel







Daves fave...coconut goodness

Daves fave…coconut goodness






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