Fuse Chicken is Changing the Way You Charge Your Devices

See ya later traditional phone docks. There is a new charger in town. Or should I say there is a new chicken in town. Funded by thousands of Kickstarter supporters, Fuse Chicken has created durable charging cables that are not like any cable you have ever seen before. Available for the iPhone 4, iPhone 5, and Micro USB devices, the new Fuse Chicken Une Bobine is a charging cable housed inside a durable flexible metal cable (think those old desk lamps with the flexible neck). This metal housing not only protects the wires inside, but it instantly turns the changing cable into a charging dock, that can be molded into nearly any shape. So whether you’re at your desk or in your car, the Une Bobine can be transformed into the shape you need.

Because of the Une Bobines flexible design it can easily convert from charging your phone at your desk, to propping your phone up in your car so you can use your phone’s GPS function. The Une Bobine is also great for those conference calls, Skype sessions or FaceTime calls. By turning the Une Bobine into a stand for your phone, you can have both hands free to do other things, such as take notes, or you can make sure your phone isn’t shaking around while on a video call.

car3I love using my Une Bobine in the car, but I find that they are easier to use in cars that have a USB port built directly into the dash. If you use a USB adaptor in your car’s cigarette lighter, the weight of the cable can cause the adaptor to move around. But have no fear, the engineers at Fuse Chicken have already come up with a solution. When ordering your Une Bobine, you can also add the car kit to your order. This includes the USB power adaptor as well as a mountable stability clip. This clip, once attached to your car’s dashboard, will prevent the Une Bobine cable from moving around while you drive, keeping your phone and USB adaptor in place, allowing you to easily change songs or check where you are on your GPS.

If you use one of those bulky phone cases like an Otterbox or LifeProof case, unfortunately, the Une Bobine will not work with your phone. Because of the thickenss of the case, the connection cannot mount into the phone properly. While this is not a design flaw on Fuse Chicken’s part, it’s a shame to see these case manufacturers come up with a solution. I would love to see these companies come out with a special adaptor that can be put into the opening of the case, so the phone can be docked without having to be removed.

The Une Bobine isn’t the only product Fuse Chicken offers. Be sure to check out their togoDock and well as their Plugdock. Who knows, you may even see reviews of them here in the future. If you want to get an Une Bobine for yourself or try any of Fuse Chicken’s products head on over to their website.

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It is great to see how the internet is changing the way we can make our ideas a reality. With sites like Kickstarter and Indigogo, aspiring entrepreneurs can reach out to the public for funding to help make their dreams a reality. If we didn’t have sites like these today, would we even have the Une Bobine? Fuse Chicken isn’t the only company experiencing the benefits of this new era in business funding. We have seen game systems, music, and even feature films funded entirely by fans and supporters. It’s a trend I only hope continues.

The people are Fuse Chicken are absolutely amazing. The company’s founder personally reached out to me when it came to checking out the Une Bobine. You can even talk to Jon yourself. His email is posted right on Fuse Chicken’s website. And if you ask nicely, he may even tell you how he came up with the name Fuse Chicken. Thanks again Jon!


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