Impulse Sports Cam – Another Competitor in a Market Dominated by GoPro

There is no denying it, GoPro has complete control of the sports camera market. From skiers and snowboarders to people on motorcycles, to musicians looking to get shots for a music video, HD Sports cameras are everywhere. At just a fraction of the price of the GoPro Hero3, Impulse Sports is looking to get into the market with its low price point camera.

about_camerasComing in at less than $90, you can get the Impulse Sport Cam for all your HD video needs. Unlike some action sports cameras, the Impulse Sport Cam is ready to go out of the box. It comes with the waterproof case, as well as several different mounting clips, for your bike, helmet, or whatever you’d like. So whether you’re going to go for a bike ride or diving, the camera is ready to go. Just pop in your own Micro-SD card and start shooting. Once you’re done shooting for the day use the included USB cable to re-charge the camera via computer or other power source.

The little lady got me the Impulse Sport Cam for Christmas. Or I like to say, just in time for snowboarding season. I took it out with me each time, I went out. But my first few attempts didn’t go so well. While the camera comes with a helmet strap, I found that it didn’t work all that well. While I was able to get a full day’s worth of riding recorded, when I got home to check what I had recorded for the day, all I got was footage of a bouncing camera. The video was useless. But thanks to my McGuyver-like skills, I had a small camera mount on a ball joint that I was able to screw into my helmet to make for a much more sturdy  camera mount. With it, I now get perfect video. I also found that the waterproof case makes the camera’s microphone near useless. The case blocks out so much sound, that most voices are near inaudible. This isn’t terrible if you plan on editing your videos to music. Now that Winter has come and gone, I am now looking forward to taking my Impulse Sport Cam into some pools and rivers for some underwater shots, then hitting the trails for some mountain biking.

While the Impulse Sport Cam is great for getting video, it’s low price point means sacrificing some features that you may see in other cameras. I was shocked to see there is no time lapse recording on the Impulse Sport Cam. Recently, I took a trip to New York City. I thought I would record my drive down, but I couldn’t because of the lack in this feature. If you are used to using a GoPro, don’t think you can hook the Impulse Sport Cam up to your iPhone or other device via WiFi or Bluetooth. But the Impulse Sport Cam does have a built in touch screen display to review and adjust the camera’s settings. This is a great feature considering its low price, however being able to control the camera with my phone would have been a great feature, as sometimes I can’t tell whether or not I am recording when the camera is strapped to the top of my helmet.

While I was able to create my own mount for my camera, others may not have as much luck. Unfortunately with GoPro dominating, much of the market, most companies that make accessories and mounts for these action cameras only make them for GoPro. That would be fine, but unfortunately, GoPro had to go out and use this proprietary mounting system, making their mounts useless to other cameras. But I guess they did it all with a purpose.

If you’ve got a tween or child interested in shooting their own video, or know an adult who wants to get video, but doesn’t need all the bells and whistles, I would suggest the Impulse Sport Cam. At such a low price, it would make an excellent gift. Check out their website, to find out how you can buy one and get one free!


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