Nomad – Portable Chargers for Your Portable Devices

Today, it seems everyone and their mother, grandmother and grandchild have some sort of portable device. Now with Nomad chargers, people can make sure they always have a way to charge their devices wherever they may be.

Designed to be small and portable, Nomad chargers are available for Apple devices with a lightning connector (iPhone 5/5s/5c, iPad and iPad mini) as well as devices with a Micro USB port. In addition to making chargers for two different connectors, Nomad has also come up with two different designs to best fit your style.

11-20-2013_ChargeCard_ChargeKey_Center_1200x1200The ChargeKey is a key-shaped charger than that attach directly to your keyring. With this, you will always have a charger wherever you are. If your phone or other device suddenly gets low on power, simply whip out your ChargeKey and connect it to a laptop, or USB wall adaptor. The ChargeCard, may not be as small as the ChargeKey, but its credit card shaped design gives it a little more flexibility. With the same thickness as just a few credit cards, the ChargeCard can easily slide into your wallet or purse.

While the USB connectors are exposed on both the ChargeKey and the ChargeCard, Nomad claims the metal connections were designed to be scratch resistant. So far, I have not noticed any damage on my ChargeKey, so things are still looking good. These chargers are meant to take a beating. The rubber coating covering the actual cables make them flexible, while still providing protection to the sensitive wires inside.

While Nomad chargers present a great convenience in their designs, they may be a bit impractical. The ChargeKey has a very short range. Therefore when it’s time to charge your device, you should really make sure your laptop is on a flat surface and not raised up. If not, your phone may dangle from the cord, making it nearly impossible for you to use while charging. The ChargeKey for MicroUSB devices is even more cumbersome as its layout, forces you to charge your device while it is facedown, making it even harder to use while plugged in.

ChargeCard-iPhone5The Nomad ChargeCard at least has a little more range in how it can be used. Since the USB cable that leads into your laptop can be flipped to either side of the ChargeCard, you can assure that it is maneuvered in a way so your device can be charged face up, allowing your to be able to check it for phone calls or messages.

Nomad chargers are relatively new to the market and looking to do big things in 2014. If you are looking for a phone charger that you can always have on you, I would suggest getting one for your device today. I like the fact that I always have a way to charge my phone in case I am ever low on juice. If you want to get your today, just head on over to Nomad’s website.


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