American Idiot – On Tour Now

show 1The musical based around Green Day’s 2004 album of the same name has hit the road. The Tony Award winning broadway show, “American Idiot,” is making stops in cities across the country, and it is a high energy show not to be missed. The misses and I have been wanting to see this for a while. When we found out it was coming to our area, she wanted to go bad. I played it off, showing not much interest in the show, only to surprise her with tickets on Valentine’s day. That night we headed out to Albany, NY to see the show at The historic Palace Theatre.

Following the storyline of Green Day’s concept album “American Idiot,” the show follows the lives of three friends who are trying to get out of their boring town. But of course everything including, women, drugs and war get in their way. Borrowing songs from some of Green Day’s other albums, the show is jam-packed with tunes that any Green Day fan can sing along with.

show 2The show was filled with energy, and that is evident in the faces of each actor on stage. You could see the emotion and energy they put into every number. From the opening number to the last song, the cast runs, jumps and climbs all over the set giving off an energy the entire audience can feed off of. The set itself is quite impressive. Featuring a backdrop that goes from floor to ceiling, dozens of televisions of various sizes flash pictures and images throughout the production. In addition to the cast of impressing singers, a live band rocks out all of Green Day’s songs, bringing each musical number to life, adding that edge of punk rock music.

While short, the show is very impressive. With no intermission, the one-act production is about 90 minutes long. While shorter than other broadway musicals, American Idiot does not feel short or rushed. The entire show has a great pace, that keeps you wondering what is going to happen to the three friends. If you want to see American Idiot when it comes to your town, get your tickets now! You can order them online now from the show’s website.

DVD Extras:

It’s hard to believe it’s been 10 years since American Idiot was released. The Album was released back in September of 2004.

I loved this show so much, I really hope a local production company does it in the near future. I’d love to audition for it.


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