COVERGIRL – Bombshell mascara


I first found out about this Bombshell by lashblast mascara when Kandee Johnson reviewed  it in one of her videos. She seemed to love it, and it made her lashes look amazing. I was sold. I needed to test it out for myself. Bonus…as a new product, it was easy to find a coupon for this…$3 off! Amazing. I love a good deal.


At first glance you’ll notice this is one of the biggest mascaras you’ve ever seen. It will take up a lot of room in your makeup bag, so if you’re a girl who likes to carry minimal makeup with you and your cosmetic bag is quite small, this may not be your go-to mascara. I mean…unless you happen to love it! And, you will find out soon enough if I did…

There are 2 steps to this mascara, Step 1 which is an extreme volume base coat and Step 2 which is an intensifying top coat. The claim from COVERGIRL is 10x more noticeable lashes vs bare lashes.


Step 1: large silicone brush, with thick black mascara


Step 2: Fiber bristle brush, lightly coated

Step 1 has a silicone brush that is very similar to most new mascaras on the market today. The base coat is quite thick, but goes on without many clumps. Which I was surprised about after reading such negative reviews on COVERGIRLS website. People seemed to find it clumpy, but I didn’t find it to be at all. It looks best with 2-3 coats, which I recommend doing quickly. Perhaps this is why people found it clumped together. You should do coats before it dries, and wiggle the wand up from root to tip. Just the 1st step alone gave me significantly thicker lashes.

Step 2 has a fiber brush, and a thinner coat of mascara. It is supposed to be a top coat that locks in your mascara, and intensifies the look of your lashes. I found this brush to be much nicer. I prefer fiber brushes to silicone anyway, and personally find them to separate lashes better. This is exactly what this step does. It smoothed out the look of the lashes, and added just a bit more tint. It was more intense as claimed, but also for those that complained about clumping…if you did this right, it should have taken away any clumps.


Side note: Both sides have quite a large brush, with a very short wand, which makes it a little hard to get used to. It may take a little practice for some.

Now…for removal. I always take my eye makeup off with olive oil. It usually takes off everything, even waterproof eyeliners and mascaras. This however, stays on! I guess thats good if you’re really busy person, running from work, to the gym or pool, etc..or if you have watery eyes, or oily eyelids, and tend to have mascara that runs by the end of the day. I am pretty sure this would stay on. It took a lot to get this off. Perhaps a heavy duty eye makeup remover is needed. I just hate using chemical filled things on my face…

Overall I found this to be a great mascara. It intensified and volumized my lashes as claimed. Ok…maybe it wasn’t 10x the volume, but it still worked really well. The only part that would deter me from using this on a daily basis was the removal process.


Lashes with Step 1 & Step 2

I also tried this mascara with just step 1, and find it to still look pretty good. My lashes stayed soft, and it’s not as difficult to remove. If only it was in 2 separate packages, so you could have the option of just using/carrying step 1 or both step 1 & 2 together. It would give extra product, and a smaller overall package…with a longer wand!

Bombshell Volume By Lashblast Mascara  $9-$10 in your local drugstore or buy online HERE! 

Tested color: Very Black


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