Eye-Fi – an sd card for the social networkers


Have you ever wanted to take amazing photos, with an old fashioned, real camera (ok, not so “old”…we’re still talking digital here) but then you think…I can’t instantly instagram or share these to FB, or Twitter, so, Ill just stick to clicking away on my phones “just alright” camera? Well…now theres an SD card that wirelessly connects your camera to your mobile device. You can share higher quality photos in minutes, without having to upload to a computer first! This, was very exciting to me. As a part-time photographer, I love taking photos with a real camera, whether its just with my point and shoot, or with my DSLR. It’s nice to be able to take these with you and be able to share a much higher quality shot right away then I normally would have gotten.

Yes, it may not be the norm to carry around a camera AND your phone these days, since they all have decent cameras built in, but you can still tell the difference in quality in most shots. The contrast, clarity, and noise reduction in low light is much different in a camera then it is with your phone. In moments where you want to capture the best shot, and then share it, the Eye-Fi SD Card really comes in handy.

The Mr. and I love to camp in the summer, and while camping you don’t exactly get to sit and upload pics to your computer & share them to your fave social network. With this card, your camera acts as its own wi-fi and your phone can easily detect it, and transfer the pictures, where you can then easily edit and upload to your site of choice. It’s easy to set up too. Each card comes with an activation code that you simply enter into the app once it is downloaded onto your device. Thats it. After that, your phone will pick up the Eye-Fi signal whenever the camera is turned on. I did find that on occasion it took a bit longer to detect the signal from the card, but I never had it fail. It may however not be compatible with your camera, so check on the site before purchasing to make sure it will work.  You can check HERE. Scroll down and click “See how well Eye-Fi works with your camera”

Eye-Fi cards come in 2 versions, Mobi (as I tested) and Pro/X2. Both are very similar, except the Pro allows you to wirelessly transfer to your Mac or PC from up to 90ft outdoors/45ft indoors, and great for photographers as it lets you upload high quality RAW files as well.

Some facts:

Premium performance
Class 10 speed and state-of-the-art memory captures HD video, low light and fast action shots straight out of the package.

Creates its own WiFi
No wireless network needed. The card creates a stable WiFi signal that connects to the Eye-Fi app on your mobile device, anywhere you go.

Uploads what you shoot
Image upload: .jpeg
Video upload (under 2GB per file): .mpg, .mov, .flv, .wmv, .avi, .mp4, .mts, .m4v, .3gp

Mobi available in 8gb for $49.99, 16gb for $79.99, or 32gb for $99.99.
Pro/X2 available in 16gb for $99.99

20140115_124703_resized                 You can check out the camera I tested the card in here and see how it is compatible.




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