LifeProof – New Cases for The New Year

2014 is here and LifeProof has rolled out a new line of waterproof cases for Apple’s latest line of iPhones. Designed specifically for the iPhone 5s and 5c series, these cases are meant to protect your new device from rain, snow, dirt and falls. LifeProof sent us a couple cases to try out.

overview_fre_v2Like the models before it the Frē (free) case for the iPhone 5 and 5s, turns your iPhone into a rugged smartphone that can be used on the beach, on a ski trip, on the hiking trail, or anywhere else without having to worry about the elements causing any damage. Unlike previous LifeProof waterproofs cases for the iPhone, the latest version allows users to be able to use the iPhone 5s’ Touch ID sensor. Over the phone’s home button is a thin protective layer that will allow the phone to still be able to detect a user’s thumbprint while still keeping the phone protected.


The iPhone 5c is all about the phone’s color. So why would youwant a case that covers up the phone you just bought? Well the people at LifeProof are one step ahead of you. Instead of having a colored case, the back of the protective case is clear, allowing you to be able to show off your colors. The Frē case for the iPhone 5c, provides all the same protection as the case for the iPhone 5s, but allows for a little more originality by letting users show off the color of their phone.

What I like better about the new cases, the plastic cover over the actual screen of the phone seems to lay more flat. When I was given the chance to test the previous Frē case for the iPhone 5, I did not like the way the screen cover physically laid across the screen. The uneven protection made it cumbersome to type or use my phone. When the screen protection is flat and lYA even, it makes it seem like the case isn’t even there.

fre_vs_nuud_ip5s_01If you don’t like the feel of any screen protection on your phone at all, LifeProof is one step ahead of you. In addition it new line of Frē cases, LifeProof also released its Nüüd (nude) line of cases. Instead of fully encasing your iPhone into a watertight case, the front glass of the device is fully exposed. This allows users to use the phone’s actual front glass, while keeping it watertight. The case has a seal around the front glass designed to keep the phone protected. While the seal still keeps water and snow out of your phone, it would still freak me out to use the phone underwater. While it’s still a great case, I feel a bit more secure using the case that is completely sealed. Unfortunately, the Nüüd line of cases only come in black and while, while Frē users can select from over a dozen different colors and designs, including their new RealTree patterns.

One of my pet peeves that always bothered me about LifeProof cases, was the fact that only Apple specific earbuds would fit into the opening for the headphone jack. This made it impossible for me to use my phone with other headphones or in my car without having to take it out of the case. The latest LifeProof cases come with a nice adaptor that allows users to plug in any 1/8″ cord without having to worry about it fitting into the opening of the case. The cord is welcome add-on for anyone else who likes to use their phone to play their music.

If you want a LifeProof case for your phone, you can find them at some major retailers, or order them online directly from LifeProof’s website. The also have cases for the Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, as well as various iPads.


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