Essentia – Super Hydrating Water

I am pretty active. I like to run, bike and snowboard. These sports, along with other extracurricular activities keep me fairly active and healthy all year long. After an intense run or work out, we all know how important it is to rehydrate. With a high level of pH and electrolytes, Essentia Water may be just the drink you need after working out. The people over at essentia sent me a few bottles of water to try out.

1470071_709544315736087_634059585_nEssentia water has a pH level of 9.5. That’s higher than most other brands of bottled water on the market and nearly three times higher than some sports drinks. While there are numerous articles on what pH in water can do; it is said to boost metabolism, and help the body absorb nutrients more effectively. In addition to the pH in the water, essentia water has electrolytes which can help maintain a normal blood pressure while regulating other things like focus and balance. Unlike sports drinks, essentia water provides the body with hydration and electrolytes without extra sweeteners, sugars or other flavors.

When I first read the label of essentia water, I noticed it claimed to have electrolytes for flavor. After seeing that, I was expecting the water to actually have a flavor. What kind of flavor, I wasn’t really sure, but I thought it would be something along the lines of citrus. But nope, there is no real flavor at all. That’s exactly what water should taste like… delicious, clean water. I was amazed at how refreshing each sip was. I found myself chugging the water, wanting more. While drinking water is good for you, I feel like I got a little too hydrated and may have had to go the bathroom a couple more times than I normally do.

If you are looking for a super hydrating water, that can help replenish your body of the electrolytes it needs after a long work out, give essentia water a try. But right now you may have a hard time finding it. Currently essentia water isn’t sold at major stores. According to essentia’s store locator, it looks like healthy supermarkets and food coops are the only stores to carry essentia water. But have no fear, you can also order essentia online.

If you wanna see how much pH is in your favorite bottles of waters and how they stack up to essentia, check out this website. (scroll halfway down the page for a chart)


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