Xyience Xenegy Drinks – Energy, Hydration, and a Terrible Taste

Xyience specializes in energy drinks and supplements for athletes to help give them the energy they need to achieve their goals. While they may be the official energy drink of UFC, Xyience Xenergy drinks are not for me.

The people over at Xyience sent us a 4 pack of their Xenery + Hydration drinks. Each can is packed with electrolytes and vitamins to give you energy while working out. Each drink is sugar free, calorie free, and do not contain any caffeine. Unfortunately the drinks are lacking in the flavor department.

method=get&s=hydration-05-22-13-13-30-12-296The Xenergy + Hydration line comes in two flavors: Grape and Tropical Punch. While I was able to stomach the punch flavor, I could only take a few sips of the grape flavor before having to just let it sit on the counter. It tasted exactly like cough syrup. That’s not exactly something I’d like my drinks to taste like. Tropical Punch had a strong flavor, but was very similar to Hawaiian Punch. Since Xyience drinks have no carbonation, I mixed the punch flavored drink in with some seltzer water to make my own little mixed drink. It was really good that way.

While these drinks are designed to give you energy without the use of caffeine, I didn’t find myself bouncing off the walls, filled with energy. While I wasn’t completely wired from the drink, I also didn’t get the shakes or jitters or that crashing feeling you can get from caffeine.

While I wasn’t a big fan of the Grape Xenergy + Hydration flavor, Zyience has 10 other flavors of Xenergy drinks. So no matter what flavors you like, there is a chance Xyience has something for you.

If you’d like to try Xyience Xenergy drinks for yourself, you can order your favorite flavors from their website or visit a store near you, using the Xyience store locator.

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