em mascara by Michelle Phan


I recently had the chance to test out the dramatic volume mascara from Michelle Phan’s new makeup line: em cosmetics. At first glance, its like any other mascara. The packaging and wand itself are pretty basic. Michelle Phan is pretty natural and laid back herself, so there’s nothing flashy with the look of her products. The product should speak for itself right? Well, upon trying out this product for a couple of days, I have decided I will stick to my regular drug store brands. It’s not that this mascara is bad by any means, and those that can afford to spend $20 on a mascara, or those that are huge Michelle Phan fans, would not be entirely disappointed. I do prefer other, more affordable brands to this however…and here’s why…

It took about 3 coats to darken and thicken my lashes enough (at least to how I prefer them to be) and though this is the dramatic volume mascara, it did not give me much volume at all. It did do a pretty good job of separating though, and did not clump. It also lasted throughout the day without smudging or flaking.  Since this is not the waterproof version, I am not sure exactly how it would hold up through a shower, rain storm, or a good cry…but since it came off easily when removing my makeup, I believe it would run like a black river.


One weird thing about this mascara…it smells. I don’t mean like it’s old & rancid, or even like chemicals. It has a floral fragrance. I personally find this odd for something going on my eyelashes.  I was not a fan of that part. I also think those with sensitive eyes (or noses) may not be a fan of this either. (His opinion) “It must be to cover up something they don’t want you to smell” Great. I hope that’s not the case. No fragrances are listed in the ingredient list, but hydrogenated jojoba oil &
hydrogenated palm oil are. Since both jojoba and palm oil are generally odorless, it doesn’t seem to be what this is from. It’s a mystery. A weird one. Who needs scented eyelashes?! I am not sold on this.


For those that want to purchase this mascara, or to check out other em products click HERE.

Price: $20.00
Colors available: Black and Brown

Who is Michelle Phan? If you have to ask, you may have been living under a rock… at least if you’re female and love makeup/beauty. With over 5 million YouTube subscribers, she has taken the world by storm. From makeup tutorials, to working with lancome, a stylist on ipsy, and having her own makeup line em, she is all over the beauty world.

Check out one of her videos:



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