WakaWaka – Elluminating the Entire World

WakaWaka lights and chargers are one of the coolest things to come our way in a long time. These portable lights feature a large solar panel on the back that charges the device giving you days of light. There are two versions of the Waka Waka. We were sent a WakaWaka Power to try out.

2413dce5005ff8c6ae961940d6541588The WakaWaka Power is a 2-in-1 device that is a bright LED lamp as well as a USB charger for your cellphone, iPod and other devices. The two LED lights on the front of the device have three different settings. Each one giving you a different amount of light. The lowest setting can give you upwards of 80 hours of the light. The brightest setting can offer up about 20 hours of light. To me, using the lowest level is the best. Not only do you get days of light out of it, but it is still enough light to see in even the darkest situations. Thanks to the USB port on the side, you can plug in your phone directly into the WakaWaka Power and give your device that extra juice it needs to get through the day. While the charger is convenient, my iPhone drains about half of the WakaWaka’s power reserves. I would say use it only in emergency situations or on days you know you’re going to get lots of sun to recharge your WakaWaka. Don’t have time to leave the device in the sun all day? The WakaWaka Power also has a mini USB port which can be used to charge the device. Laving it plugged in for a few hours will fully charge your WakaWaka.

image_thumbnailer-1.aspxThe WakaWaka Light is similar to the WakaWaka Power,but without the USB Charger. While I was not been able to hold one in my hand personally, they look a little more bulkier than the WakaWaka Power. While it may look bigger is also appears that it may be a bit more durable. Without a mini USB port, the WakaWaka Light can only be charged by the sun. Once fully charged you can get up to 80 hours of light.

Both the WakaWaka Power and the WakaWaka light are designed to be used in a variety of ways. Its special design allows it to stand on its own, be attached to a wall or ceiling by a string, or can even be mounted to the top of a bottle. This extra convenience allows the WakaWaka to stand freely, giving you the ability to use both hands if needed.

I found the best way to charge the WakaWaka is to actually leave it outside. I noticed that when leaving the device on the dashboard of my car, or inside facing a window; it would charge,  but not all the way. But after leaving my WakaWaka on my back porch for two days, it was fully charged and ready to go.

As you may know, we are avid campers. Throughout the summer, we brought our WakaWaka Power lights with us. We found that the bright LED lights were enough to light up our entire campsite and show us the way when walking late at night. However when it comes to long trips without power, The WakaWaka cannot always meet the demands of charging our cellphones. If you are looking for a reliable device that can keep your smartphone or tablet charged while in the wilderness for a week, I suggest checking out the IO Gear: Power Gear.

What I really like about Waka Waka and its products, is the company’s mission. Not only does the company offer great pieces of technology to consumers across the country, but they are also offering these devices to people in developing nations living without electricity of power. From now through November 25th, 2013, Waka Waka is doing it’s Solar for Syria campaign. For any WakaWaka product purchased, one will be sent to the International Rescue Committee to help refugees in Syria.

If you want a WakaWaka device for your home, you can buy one today from their website. The WakaWaka light costs just under $30, while the WakaWaka Power with USB Charger is just under $80. While some may think that is expensive, just consider you are helping illuminate the lives of those living in third world countries, just by buying one for yourself.

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I am not gonna lie, and I am sure you did the same thing. But as soon as I heard the name WakaWaka, I immediately thought of Fozzie Bear. You know it’s true.


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