S2O Laundry Sheets – Making Laundry Easy

howitworks_imageIt’s not the 1950’s anymore. Women across the country are no longer staying home in their aprons, hanging up laundry in the backyard. At least that’s how I pictured it being back in the day. But, here I am getting off top before I even got the chance to start this review. I have been doing my laundry since I was 10. I still do it myself today. I won’t let the little lady do it for me. There is no reason for her to. I can handle it. Now, S2O laundry sheets make doing laundry even easier. The people that make S2O Laundry Detergent Sheets were nice enough to send us a container to try out.

Each individual S2O sheet is your laundry detergent and dryer sheet in one. Instead of using liquid detergent, just throw in an S2O sheet with your clothes. After your washer has done it’s thing, take your clothes and put them in the dryer. There is no need to look for the S2O sheet, just put it in with your clothes, because now it’s a dryer sheet.

Once your clothes have gone through the dryer, they are now clean, smell great and are static free. One thing I noticed, is how cottony soft each S2O sheet is. Unlike dryer sheets which feel like waxy, flimsy sheets; S2O sheets are thick and soft, like a piece of felt. Taking them out of the dryer, they feel so thick and soft, I feel like I could collect all my used S2O sheets, sew them together and make a shirt.

S2O can even be used to pre-treat any stains. If you spill something or get something on your shirt, pre-treat the stain by rubbing an S2O sheet directly onto the stain. Then throw the shirt and sheet into the wash. While S2O sheets claim they can also take place of fabric softener, I found that they didn’t really make my clothes much softer. I used the sheets S2O sheets to clean some jeans. Instead of throwing them into a dryer, I hung them up. But once dry, I found the jeans to be slightly stiff. While not a big problem, it was something I noticed.

S2O sheets would be perfect for a college student, or that son or daughter who is moving out of their parents’ home for the first time, and will have to take on that responsibility of doing their own laundry.

S2O Laundry Detergent Sheets can found on various online stores or on tv though commercials or shopping networks. I found several sites selling packs of 100 for just under $20. With one sheet good for one load of laundry, they are worth checking them out.


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