Zing Vodka – It’s Amaze-ZING!

zing_ad_redblueTo write a good review, it is best that I am testing out the product while I am writing. Luckily for me, I am writing about Zing Vodka. The people over at Zing were nice enough to send us a bottle to try out. Now, I am having a party in my mouth. Not only does Zing provide a party from your mouth, the glowing, light up bottle its the perfect party drink, signaling to everyone just where the party is.

Zing comes in two varieties: Regular and Red Velvet. I was able to try a bottle of the glowing red bottle of Red Velvet. Before even breaking the seal and trying the taste, I had to play with the bottle’s built in light.

Zing in Action

Click to see the bottle in Action

Inside each bottle of Zing, is an LED light, turning the bottle into an instant light show. The light has two settings: flashing and a solid light. Once lit up, the bottle lets off an amazing glow. Whether in the bar, or on the kitchen counter, these bottles look awesome.

After cracking the seal, and pouring a shot into my oversized shotglass, I was amazed at how smooth Zing vodka is. The four times distilled, 70 proof vodka goes down incredibly smooth. I was able to take sips and swigs without it burning my throat. The red velvet taste lingered and gave the vodka and delicious taste. While I was unable to test a regular bottle of Zing, I imagine it to be just as smooth, but without the red velvet flavor, making it perfect to mix into your drinks.

So the next time you are in the VIP section of your favorite bar, ask for a bottle of Zing. Your flashing bottle of booze will show everyone you came to party and have a good time. But unfortunately, Zing vodka is a bit hard to find right now. In New York, I could only find a few places that carry it. So, the next time you go to your favorite bar, be sure to ask for Zing. If partying at home is more of your thing, you can always order some online.


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