IOGEAR – Battery Backup for Your Portable Devices

Summer is here. And for us, that means a lot of camping and traveling. While we bring our phones and iPods with us, there isn’t always a way to charge them up. Thankfully, the people over at IOGEAR sent us their latest GearPower, which has enough power to charge up all of your phones, mp3 players, tablets, cameras and more for days.

IOGEAR has three different GearPower models: GMP10K, GMP7K, and GMP2K. While the GMP2K offers enough juice to give your iphone a full charge, the GMP7K and GMP10K have plenty of power to go around. Today, we are taking a closer look at the GMP10K.

20130703_183740_resizedUsing the IOGEAR GearPower is easy. Charge the compact battery pack up by hooking it up to your computer or to a regular wall outlet and wait for it to charge. (Charging can take up to 8 hours by USB, 4 hours by the included wall charger). Once the battery pack is charged up, it’s ready for your devices.

The GMP10K model is the largest of the GearPower devices and comes with a massive 11,000mAh lithium polymer cell battery. With its two separate USB outputs you can charge two devices at once ( one port is a 2.1A USB, while the other is a 1A USB). To test out my GearPower I charged it up at the beginning of July and used it several different times throughout the month. During that time I charged by iPhone 5 and my iPod Classic a total of six different times. I am talking full charges (10% battery or less remaining to 100%). While I could have gotten more charges from the device had I used it more often, I was extremely surprised at how well the GearPower maintained its charge throughout the month, giving me that on demand power whenever and wherever I needed it.

I was also surprised how fast the IOGEAR GearPower can charge up devices. I have used other battery back up chargers, and some just take hours to give your phone a full charge. But with the GearPower’s 2.1A USB port, charging up an iPhone 5 from 2% to 100% took less than two hours.

One of the most appealing things about the GearPower is its low price point. Prices range from just under $30 for the GMP2K to just under $80 for the GPM10K. For the amount of extra battery life you get, I think they are definitely worth it. In a way, I’d prefer one of these over one of those big bulky phone cases with the built in battery. Sure they will give you more battery life, but they also make your phone bulky. With the GearPower you are getting multiple charges from a device that can easily slide into your bag or be left in your car.

If you’d like to pick up a GearPower for yourself, head on over to IOGEAR’s website.


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