Trucker’s Friend – More Uses Than One

Truckersfriend2Don’t let its name fool you. Innovation Factory’s Trucker’s Friend is not just for truckers. This multi-tool is great for campers, hikers, carpenters, and more. With its multiple uses, the Trucker’s Friend can help users cut, pry and pull.

The People over at Innovation Factory sent us one to check out. Weighing in at just under 2 1/2 pounds, the Trucker’s Friend feels incredibly sturdy in your hands. While I am not a trucker, we do like to go camping several times throughout the year. I thought the Trucker’s Friend and its small compact design would be perfect to take on our excursions. I thought it would be good for chopping and splitting wood, any necessary hammering, and the pulling of nails and stakes. Sure enough the Trucker’s Friend is capable of doing all of those things and much more.

At the head of the Trucker’s Friend are several tools. There is a curved ax, perfect for spitting wood, a hammer as well as a nail puller, a grapple hook, hose spanner as well as a pry bar. If you’re a trucker, do construction work, go camping and hiking, or just looking for a new multi-tool to add to your workshop, the Trucker’s Friend would make an excellent and inexpensive addition to what you already use.

While, the Trucker’s Friend is a great tool, I was surprised it did not come with a way to protect it’s blade. Leaving it exposed, may not only damage the blade, but it could cause serious injury if dropped or not handled properly. After browsing Innovation Factory’s website, I saw you can buy a custom leather sheath for just under $25. I wish it would come as an included accessory, but  that would really bring the
price up over the overall product.

If you’d like to buy a Trucker’s Friend for your house, workshop, or truck, just head on over to Innovation Factory’s website.

DVD Extras:

The Trucker’s Friend can also be used for the zombie apocalypse. Seriously. Check out this screen shot from Innovation Factory’s website, describing the uses of the Trucker’s Friend. You gotta love when a company has a sense of humor.

ax 4 zombies

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