Kingston Does it Again – MobileLite Wireless

mobilelite-iphoneEveryone seems to have a smartphone or tablet these days. With people looking for more ways to share their files quickly and easily, the people over at Kingston are coming up with some of the best solutions.

Kingston was nice enough to send us a MobileLite Wireless device to try out. Similar to the Wi-Drive, the MobileLite Wireless transmits a wireless signal that you can connect to via the wi-fi settings on your phone or tablet. Once connected to the device, users can use the Free to download Kingston MobileLite app to can browse, view, and even download files to their device.

securedownloadUnlike the Wi-Drive, the MobileLite does not have built in storage. Instead there is a USB port as well as an SD card reader. With this, anyone can plug into the device to quickly and easily share their files. Working at the office, and a colleague needs to show you a file? Place the file on a thumbdrive, then plug it into the MobileLite. Now everyone in the office can quickly view the file. Are you a photographer and just got done with a photoshoot? Take your camera’s SD card and pop it into the MobileLite, now you and your client and easily browse the photos you just took.

You can even use the MobileLite to free up space on your phone. Once connected to the MobileLite, you can transfer pictures from your phone to your SD card of USB device.

The MobileLite has a battery life three to five hours and has the ability to let several people connect to it at once. This allows for multiple users to browse the files or listing to the music and watch the videos they want to watch on their own device. What’s also great about the MobileLite is the fact in can also be used as a battery backup for your phone. Simply plug in your phone’s USB cable into the MobileLite, and it will automatically begin to charge your phone. However, I wouldn’t use this as your sole battery backup device. With a full charge, the MobileLite was only able to recharge an iPhone about halfway.

The MobileLite is very affordable, costing less than $60. You can find them online, or visit Kingston’s website for links to various retailers.

DVD Extras:

The Kingston MobileLite was featured in a We Used That television segment showcasing Father’s Day gifts. Check it out.


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