Mobile Clean & Go – Cleaning Your Devices Anywhere

Technology has become a part of our everyday lives. From our cellphones to e-readers to handheld game systems, we are all wired in. All of these devices have one thing in common. They have screens. And in many cases, touch screens. Over time, those screens can get dirty, smudged, and covered in dirt and grime. Sometimes the inside of your shirt or a napkin is enough to clean your devices. That’s where Mobile Clean & Go comes in.

mobileclean1The people over at Mobile Clean & Go sent us some samples to test out. What makes these screen cleaners so nice, is how small they are. There are smaller than a cell phone, making them the perfect size to fit in your pocket, your purse, our in our case, your car’s glovebox.

Using the Mobile Clean & Go is easy. Spray one side of the included cleaning cloth, wipe your device, then use the other side to dry and get rid of any left behind mess. I wear glasses to drive and am a huge stickler for keeping my lenses clean. So while on our trip, we used the Mobile Clean & Go to clean or glasses and sunglasses. I found they got all of our devices relatively clean for the size. Of course it would be easier to clean if the cleaning cloth was larger, but then that wouldn’t make it very portable.ur car’s glovebox. We recently took a road trip to Vermont. Before hitting the road, we stashed a Mobile Clean & Go into the car.

If you plan on ever travelling, A Mobile Clean & Go should be in your bag. Since the small flat bottle is TSA approved, you can even bring it on your carry-on.

You can get a Mobile Clean & Go for yourseir for less than 13 bucks. Just head on over to their website.

And if you want to help out with a great cause, order your Mobile Clean & Go now. From now until August 15, 2013 a portion of all sales will go to the Make a Wish Foundation.



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