Safe Hands – germ free without alcohol!


Convenient 1.75oz pump bottles. Perfect size for throwing in a bag.

If you find yourself getting sick of the strong scent, stickiness, and red, dry, irritated hands that most hand sanitizers leave by behind, then you may be interested in trying safeHands. This hand sanitizer is alcohol free, and non-toxic. Safe for children, and pets alike. It is also non-flammable, making it safe for schools, labs, and even around the campfire! All that, and it still kills 99.99% of germs.

When safeHands sent us a handful of these to try out, we didn’t take long to do so. It seems it’s always germ season these days; you always feel somewhat dirty when you leave a store, school, gym, or even someones house who may have had the sniffles. These safeHands containers come in a variety of sizes, the 1.75oz, as we tested, was the perfect size to throw in your bag or to keep in your car. They have a convenient pump, so no more shaking the bottle upside down to get the thick gel out. It also comes out as a foam, which is less messy, and makes it easier to use on kids, or while multi-tasking.

Some people are sensitive to regular alcohol (ethanol) based hand sanitizers. They can cause skin to dry, crack, and even sting the skin. I find that my hands get irritated, and very red & dry when using regular sanitizers. Using safeHands hasn’t had any of these effects, and actually leaves my hands feeling smooth after each use.

safeHands Classic has 3 scents. Clean Linen, Cucumber Melon, & Fragrance Free. It is also sold as safeSquirts for kids, in bubble gum, cool blue, and tooty fruity. They all have a light scent, which is quite pleasant. I personally love the cucumber mint, which is currently almost gone. I will have to get these again, especially once winter rolls around.

Available in 1.75oz for $2.50, 7oz for $3.95, or 180z for $8.95.

Now sold at select Target stores, or Purchase online.

Some random facts about safeHands:

All products are Triclosan free and Alcohol free.

The world’s first line of soothing and effective Alcohol Free hand sanitizers developed for multiple daily use.

The CEO/founder of safeHands; Dr. Jay, started out as a dentist.

This is awesome and I kind of want it in my house, by the front door.


One thought on “Safe Hands – germ free without alcohol!

  1. I just bought this at a Target in Cleveland. I found your blog searching for SafeHands. This is so cool. I didn’t know that they made alcohol free hand sanitizer.
    Thanks for the info!!!

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