Time Warner Cable – Now on Roku

If you’ve read my previous Roku 3 review, you know that I’ve got media streaming devices in nearly every room of the house. When it came to buying my Roku 3, the new Time Warner Cable App was one of my main reasons behind my purchase. With it, my Roku 3 essentially becomes a Cable Box.

When you purchase your cable package from TWC, you pay a monthly fee for the cable box. You could end up paying even more if you rent a DVR. In our apartment, we decided to go with just one cablebox for our living room. That means when we watch tv in the bedroom, we are limited to what we could get with regular cable. No HD channels. No premium channels. Just the basic cable channels. With the Time Warner Cable app, We not have access to all of the  High Def channels that we can get on our box.

time warner screen shotOnce booted up and logged in, users have a few ways of finding something to watch. Users can browse through the channels in an alphabetical line up, search their favorite channels (which can be added with a few clicks of the remote), or browse by category. Anyone familiar with browsing for movies on Netflix would have no trouble using this. Programming is split up into categories such as family, comedy and movies. While browsing, a picture of each show currently on the air scrolls appears on screen. I found that adding our favorite channels to my favorites list works best for us. This way we can get to our favorite shows quickly without any hassle.

Unlike a real cable box, there is no DVR or On-Demand function. While some people may have an issue with this, we do not. We have our cable box in the living room which gives us those features when we need them. If a show is ever missed, we can always log on to Hulu.

For the most part, The Time Warner Cable app works flawlessly. The HD quality of the streaming television is near perfect. I have yt to lose signal, see any pixelation or picture distortion. If you didn’t know the video was streaming live, you would think it was coming directly from a cable box. However, this week alone, I have come across a few issues logging in with my TWC ID, as well as the app not remembering my login, forcing me to re-input my information. It’s nice when the app remembers my information, as having to re-login, entering a username and password using a Roku remote (and no keyboard), is rather tedious.

Another downside to the app; while it is available for your computer, iphone, ipad and other devices, it is only available on Roku media streaming devices. This isn’t a huge problem for me, now that I have a Roku 3 (The app does not work on all generations of it, which is also why I upgraded), but for people who have other devices they are out of luck.

The Time Warner Cable App is Free to download for Roku users, but does require a Time Warner Cable account.

If you plan on getting a Roku specifically for the Time Warner Cable App. make sure you have a compatible device.

The Following Roku’s support the Time Warner App:

  • Roku 3 (4200R)
  • Roku 2 HD (3000X), XD (3050X), XS (3100X)
  • Roku LT (2400X)
  • Roku  HD (2500X), LT (2450X)
  • Roku 3400R Streaming Stick

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