Hubert’s Lemonade – more than just refreshing


As their slogan says, “Only the best will do”, and you can tell by your first sip of Hubert’s lemonade. It has fresh squeezed flavor, with no artificial ingredients. Their company has been all natural since 1935, back when Hubert Hansen would drive around sharing his lemonade straight from his truck.

Hubert’s is made with cane sugar, not corn syrup, like many other lemonades you find on the market today. It also contains Stevia, which for those not familiar, is a plant. Extracted for its natural sweet flavor, that can be 200-300 times sweeter than refined sugar. Sometimes it can cause an after taste that people don’t really like. It can be bitter, or licorice-like. I don’t find it gives a bad after taste to Hubert’s Lemonade at all, but it does leave a slight lingering flavor that is hard to describe. If you’re used to Stevia sweetened products, you wouldn’t even notice, but for those used to processed, and unnatural sweeteners, you just might. I find that the delicious lemon, lime, and various fruit flavors are enough to make me keep coming back for more, and eventually I don’t really notice the taste of the stevia. I’m just happy its a natural sweetener that I am tasting, and not sucralose, or aspartame for a change.


Hubert’s Lemonade comes in 8 different flavors, and we had the chance to test out 5 of those, thanks to Hubert’s! They also have 4 flavors of half & half ¬†lemonade teas. They come in 16 fl oz. recyclable bottles. The 10 fl. oz seen above (in the top photo), are for sample purposes only, and currently not for sale. However, we would love to see them come in this size in the future! We loved the small plastic bottles for travel!

Our favorite flavor is by far the Strawberry Lemonade, which since trying Hubert’s, we have tried to find another that we find tastes as good. We have not. Even a few others that were organic, or all natural, just didn’t have the same strawberry lemony goodness. As a close runner up, the Mango Lemonade was also a perfect blend of sweet and tart, which we love. We found the blackberry lemonade to be too tart however, so this may be one we wouldn’t purchase in the future. I did however really enjoy the Cherry Limeade, and regular Lemonade. I didn’t expect the limeade to be so tasty, as I normally prefer lemon to lime, but this was pretty good. It wasn’t too tart, and had a lingering cherry aftertaste.


woooo! this one was a tart one!

As if the yummy flavors, and the fun bottles weren’t enough to brighten your day, inside each cap you find this fun little message…


For years Hubert’s has been hard to find. Only sold in natural stores, such as Whole foods, and The Fresh Market. If you didn’t live near any of those stores, you could rarely find it. I’m happy to say that now Hubert’s can be found in your local Walmart!


Spotted in our local Walmart!

For only $5.00 for a 4 pack, it will be our new road trip and camping go to! And once you try it, you just may have a new favorite sunny day drink! Now if only I could find their Honey Lemonade flavor…

Check out Hansen’s natural for more info on Hubert’s and all of their other natural products!


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