Crest Pro-Care Mouthwash – A Scary Situation

We were taught as kids  to brush our teeth in the morning and before we go to bed. To make sure we have fresh breath and no germs between our teeth, we use mouthwash. I am all about mouthwash, but now, there is one type I will never use again. This is my horror story.

Some people take pride in their smile or their teeth. They do all they can to keep them straight or white. But now imagine looking in the mirror and suddenly seeing your teeth covered in brown spots. That is exactly what happened to me. While I cannot point the blame on Crest Pro-Care Mouthwash. And it seems like I am not alone.

Crest_Pro-HealthAccording to the few Google searches I have done, the active ingredient in the mouthwash (Cetylpyridinium chloride) could cause staining of teeth. It has been so bad for some that lawsuits have been attempted. But i don’t think any of them ever went through. Either there wasn’t enough proof, or a settlement was made out of court. Crest, obviously knows that the issue, because after taking a closer look at my bottle of mouthwash, I noticed there is a nice warning explaining that the staining of teeth is possible.

In my case, I did not notice the staining immediately. I am almost halfway through the bottle, and only now am I noticing an issue. Other stories, I have read online mention people reacting differently to the mouthwash. Some even say they experienced a loss of taste.

Unfortunately, the staining doesn’t go away immediately. I have discontinued use of the mouthwash and am sticking to just brushing. While the stains have faded a little, they are still there. Of the stories I’ve read online, some people had to go to a dentist for special cleaning to get the stains removed. Luckily for me, I will be seeing my dentist later this month. Hopefully he can get rid of these stains for good.


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