GoJo – You’ve seen the infomercial, but does it work?

gojo3Ok, I know you have all seen the GoJo infomercial or tv ad at least once. It’s the headset device that works with most phones, transforming it into a handsfree headset. Simply attach it to your phone, and it seconds it becomes a headset, freeing up your hands allowing you to drive safely, or as the commercial proves… do backflips.

But the important question is, does it work?

I picked up my GoJo at a local store while shopping over the weekend. When I saw it, my first thought was the makers of the GoJo made way too many and the product did not do as well as they thought. Why? Because I bought mine at the dollar store. But wait, there’s more. Inside the package was not one, but two GoJos!. That’s two for the price of one… dollar.

Despite the price and the cheesy television ads, the GoJo does do what it promises. But is it really needed?

Today, everyone has a cell phone. At one point or another many of us have been guilty of talking while behind the wheel. But as technology improves, our cell phones are getting smarter. We can use voice commands, speaker phones, and integrated bluetooth technology in our cars. But we don’t all have those conveniences. So is a GoJo really needed? Yes and No. I can see it still having some purpose. But, had it come out maybe 10 – 15 years ago, the device could have been sold by the millions. Today, no one is going to strap one of these things on their head. While many states have outlawed talking and driving, drivers are beginning to adapt to safer talking techniques, and using speakerphones or headsets. With that said, I think it is much easier to pop in some ear buds or put my phone on speaker phone than it is to put on the Gojo.


But I will say, i think the Gojo could still have a purpose. I think it would be great for people who need to type with both hands while talking on the phone. Especially if you plan on being on the line for a long time. Talking on a speakerphone can sometimes be annoying as the audio quality can be loud and distorted, and using ear buds could eventually cause your ears to hurt. But with the GoJo, you have the clear sound of your phone, while keeping both hands free. At no time, would I think people would actually use the GoJo while at the gym, or going for a walk or run. But hey, ya never know. There could be someone out there using it like that right now.

The GoJo’s construction feels like it’s worth the dollar I spent on it. It is made out of plastic, and little piece of gold tape to give it a little flare. Let me say, that gold tape was already peeling off by the time I took the GoJo out of the package. The device overall feels pretty cheap, Gently bending the GoJo backwards caused the device to snap. As for the “High Density Suction Cup,” I can buy a a bunch of them for a dollar.

In addition to the headset, the GoJo comes with small stick on “suction stickers.” These can be placed on items that do not adhere well to the GoJo (cases, leathers, etc.). I found he GoJo to secure to both our phones and the suction stickers very well. In fact, I was surprised at how well they stuck as when I tried to take my phone off, the suction cup came off from the GoJo instead.

If you’ve got a dollar burning a hole in your pocket and you want to get a very cheap gift for someone, see if your dollar store sells them. I also did a quick search on eBay as well. It looks like people cannot even give these away. It seems like the GoJo is another “As Seen on TV” product that doesn’t have a real purpose, but hopes to take your money late at night.

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