The Necklace Saver will leave you untangled.

We recently had the chance to try out a product called The necklace saver. It is supposed to keep your necklaces tangle free, whether you’re traveling, or at home. I wasn’t sure how much testing I could do on this product, besides traveling with it, or tossing it around a bit, but was interested to see if it indeed can keep your necklaces tangle free.


These come in a variety of sizes, to fit your various selection of necklaces. 1″, 2″, or 3″ widths and 22″ up to 33″ in length. They also show them in a variety of pastel colors on their site (which are also transparent so you can see the necklace inside) but I believe , at this time , you can’t choose the color that is sent to you. Not a big deal. But some women may be picky about their colors, especially if they choose to hang them in the open.


I found it very easy to use, and the step by step directions on the back of the package were also handy. I tested it on a new necklace, which I did not want knotted, so I was hoping this really worked. You unclasp the necklace and slide it thru the opening, reclasp it, then tie it in a knot. After some abuse, it seemed to leave the necklace tangle free. Though, the charm on my necklace ended up hanging out of the bag near the tie top, it still served its purpose. If you’re not worried about damage protection, and just knot prevention, then this is great for those that travel, or that normally throw their jewelry in a drawer. If you wear chunky necklaces, these may not work for the larger jeweled ones, but great for delicate chains.


22″ length necklace saver with an 18″ necklace.

A portion of every sale is donated to orphanages around the world. So your purchase will go to a good cause. And, at $6.95/each you won’t feel as bad buying a few. Otherwise, I wouldn’t suggest buying this for ALL of your necklaces. If you own 20, 30, or 40+ you could be looking at spending a lot. If you just want a couple for travel purposes, I recommend trying these out.

You can buy yours HERE.


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