Spot On Energy – Patches with a Punch

It’s Saint Patrick’s Day weekend! When it comes to partying, people are always looking for ways to stay awake and keep the party going. If they want something to give them that boost, don’t want to drink a sugar filled drink or swallow some mystery pill, all they need to do is slap on a Spot On Energy Patch.

patch2Spot on Energy patches are filled with a mixture of natural energy boosters to help you get through the day. Unlike drinks or pills, Spot On Energy patches are applied directly to your body, where the energy can be absorbed directly. I think the concept of Spot On Energy Patches is great, but when it came to how well they worked, they didn’t. I tried the patches twice; once in the day and again at night. Neither time, did I feel a boost of energy. But do not get me wrong, when it comes to caffeinated drinks, they rarely have an effect on me. Like anything, people react to certain things differently. While a cup of coffee make keep one person up an entire day, that same cup could do absolutely nothing to someone else. As for my body, it just didn’t even know the patch was there. Heck, i forgot it was there. I went to bed with one on forgetting to take it off. Which in a way is a good thing. The patches are so light and unobtrusive even you will forget you have one on.

One thing I am surprised these patches do not contain is vitamins. While the active ingredients used in Spot On Energy Patches are all natural, I thought for sure they would use B6 and B12 vitamins, and these vitamins are also found in other energy drinks. If anything, its just another form of energy booster that could be absorbed by the body. But maybe it can’t be absorbed by the skin. I”m no doctor, but it should be looked into.

If you’re looking to keep yourself going into those late hours, I would suggest giving Spot On Energy Patches a try. They are affordable and worth checking out. You can find them at pharmacies nationwide, or head on over to their website to find out how you could even get some for free.

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What it looks like to be on a flight from NYC to Mexico, running on no sleep and being up for more than 36 hours

One time I went 36+ hours without sleep. I looked pretty rough after that. It was a few years back when I worked the overnight shift. I got up and went to work around midnight. After work, I got home and packed for a week long vacation to Cancun. I tried to take a nap, but instead I went to see a friend. By then it was 4 in the afternoon. I didn’t go to sleep. No instead I drove 3 hours away to Massachusetts to see an Iron Maiden concert. Before the show I took a 5 hour energy just to help me get through that. By the time, I got home it was well after Midnight. I only had a few hours to sleep until I had to get back into a car and drive another 2 hours to New York City where I needed to catch my flight to fun in the sun. Needless to say, after being up for so long, I looked pretty disheveled. I don’t think I really got that much sleep until the night we got to our hotel.

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