Laney Honey – Whip it good


Laney Honey sampler sizes and honey straws

When Laney Honey sent us a box of their honey we couldn’t wait to test them out. We are big honey fans, and are always looking for great tasting, and high quality honey. They were generous enough to send us a wide variety of their honeys, so we had a lot of taste testing to do.

I want to start out by sharing a little about Laney Honey. It’s a family company, in North Liberty, Indiana. They offer 12 varieties of honey, skin care products, and unique honey treats, such as honey with nuts, and (as we tested) Whipped honey, in a bunch of flavors. They only produce raw, unheated honey that isn’t pressure filtered. You can even watch how they process their honey HERE. It is so interesting to watch how it is done, and to know they take a lot of pride in their company and how their honey is made. I also learned how many bees life work I consume on a daily basis. Let’s just say…its a lot. I love my honey, and now feel bad those bees had to work so hard for my enjoyment!


Speaking of enjoyment, I absolutely loved each unique flavor of honey. Depending on where the bees pollinate, it gives the honey a particular flavor. Some more rich than others. The Buckwheat for instance was very strong, almost earthy tasting. It is known for its high mineral content, and antioxidant compounds. A high quality, raw, buckwheat honey can even cure a cough. It also tastes better than any other cough syrup you may have tried. As for all the other varieties seen in the photos above, you can taste something different about each one. Some tasted better in tea, while others tasted better when used in recipes. Others, well, they tasted delicious right off the spoon! (Again, feeling slightly guilty for all those bees hard-life work) And each honey seems to have its benefits. Clover for instance can help lower cholesterol, prevent bacterial attack, control liver problems, and even treat burns. Basswood for instance, while having a slight woody scent and great flavor for marinades, can help you fight a cold. Goldenrod honey can reduce your chances of pollen allergy, when taking 1-2 tsp per day, allowing your body to build a pollen allergy tolerance.

Each honey is unique, and so many benefits can come from having them in such a pure, raw form. Laney Honey offers such a wide variety, in sample sizes, so you can test and see what you prefer.


Laney Honey Co. Whipped Honey is one of the greatest things to happen to honey in a long time! I am in love. They have 11 different flavors right now, and we tested out 3 of those, as seen above. Our personal favorite was the Vanilla. It tastes good in a variety of different things, but I especially loved it to sweeten my Teecino (coffee alternative tea) instead of using sugar. It was amazing. I used the Whipped Honey with Cinnamon to add a bit of sweetness when making sweet potato waffles, and the chocolate tastes good with peanut butter on toast! Yum! There is a lot of recipes you can include these in on, and even use them instead of syrup on your pancakes or french toast. Im also a fan of eating it right out of the jar. (Again, those bees…)

whipped honeys...a look inside the jar

whipped honeys…a look inside the jar

Vanilla whipped. Made with vanilla beans. Frothy on top, and creamy underneath.

Vanilla whipped. Made with vanilla beans. Frothy on top, and creamy underneath.

As if Laney Honey didn’t offer enough great products already, they decided to throw in skincare. They sell both Beeswax bars, and Honey soap. Both of which have great moisturizing properties. They will help your dry skin for sure.

Beeswax Bar

Beeswax Bar

The Beeswax bar for dry skin contains only 3 ingredients; beeswax, safflower oil, and vitamin E. Perfect for those with sensitive skin. I love that it was fragrance free. It can be used for your hands, face, or body. Its great for the winter months when your skin can’t retain moisture, and is great to use on your face instead of, or in addition to your regular face wash. It won’t dry out your skin, and instead, helps to protect it.

Overall I recommend trying out Laney Honey Co. if you’re looking for something new, and healthy. You can order all of their products from their website. 

Honey prices range from $1.10 for straws or $2.25 for 1.5oz taster jars – $39.50 for half gallons. Many sizes available.

I am thankful for all of those bees that give their life to make something so amazing, and so delicious.


2 thoughts on “Laney Honey – Whip it good

  1. I would like to purchase a pint of cranberry blossom honey. Do you ship?

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