Garnier Hydra Recharge

Garnier Hydra Recharge

Garnier Hydra Recharge


I had the chance to try out the new Garnier Fructis Hydra Recharge Products. I was hoping that the claim of recharging with high performance hydration for silkier, softer, weightless hair was true. I need all of that. My hair needs all of that. It is over processed, and over dyed. I love bright, crazy colors, and dye it far more often then one should, so I always need a heavy duty conditioner, (I have discovered that Coconut oil works fabulous for this…but that will be in a review to come.) so I am always looking for new products for dry or damaged hair to help replenish it. Or, in this case, Recharge.

moisture beads

moisture beads

I decided to use all of the products together, to see if it really helped make my hair softer. A triple dose of moisture? Let’s see. I wet my hair, and began the test! I first noticed the shampoo was clear, with micro-beads in it, which are supposed to burst on impact, giving extra hydration. The shampoo felt extra silky, and lathered amazingly. It also smelled fantastic! It’s like apple jolly ranchers! I followed it with the conditioner, and let it sit for a few minutes, and combed it through. Normally with my regular conditioner I can comb right through it, but this was not good at detangling my hair at all. I could tell right away it wasn’t leaving my hair quite as soft. I gave it the benefit of the doubt though, rinsed, and applied the 1 minute moisture-plenish treatment. I left it in for about 5 minutes instead, and then followed with a cool rinse. This time my hair felt silky. I was hopeful this may be a go-to combo.

I let my hair air-dry, as I normally do now, so the heat doesn’t add to my damage. It seemed to be frizzing up a bit more than usual. Uh oh. I wasn’t so happy about that. Once fully dry, it wasn’t as soft as usual, but it did have a bit more bounce. Or, weightlessness as they claimed it would do. Sadly, silky and soft did not happen for me. I will definitely try the 1–minute treatment again, but I will be going back to my normal shampoo. Baby shampoo. It is sulfate and paraben free. Sulfates strip the oils, and color from your hair, and Garnier is not sulfate free.

Garnier claims they are getting greener all the time. Which is great! I like seeing they use eco-friendly bottles, and have more sustainable manufacturing. They select natural ingredients for their products, but…then they add chemicals. I wish they kept it all natural. If you want to help the environment, and make things nature friendly, then why not go all the way? I hope they will soon. I love the natural oils they use, and the wonderful scent. Its still lingering in my hair a day later, but I want to use products that are going to help save my hair, and not strip it with sulfates instead. Once I stopped using shampoos with sulfates in them, my hair improved greatly. It went from snapping off, to smooth, soft, and frizz-less. If you want softer hair, then I suggest switching to a more gentle, sulfate free shampoo.


If you want to try these products out for yourself, check out a store near you.

OR, you can go HERE to order online.
Priced from $3-$6


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