Lavender Cosmetic

I am always going on about how natural products are just better for your skin, and body, and using them just makes you feel better. It also helps the environment, and is safe for our pets and children. So, when Lavender Cosmetics contacted us to try their products, we were more than happy to do so.


I tested out the Serum, and Gentle Care olive oil facial soap. Both of which I expected to smell like lavender, given the company name, but was surprised when neither did at all. Although the Facial soap was in fact made with lavender, the other natural oils that it is made with seem to over power it in scent. It wasn’t too strong, but I wasn’t expecting it. As for the Serum, this had no lavender oils, but instead a few of the same ingredients the Facial Soap had, such as Sandalwood and Geranium oil. I believe this is what gave them a similar scent. I found the Serum strong in scent, but high in moisturizing qualities. My skin happened to be going through a dry, flaky period when I used this, and it seemed to really help after just one use! It shows how much regular soaps can strip our skin of natural oils and cause it to dry out, and get irritated. These were great for replenishing the skin.

I washed my face with the soap, using my scrubber from a loreal 360 cleanser. I followed it with the serum; which I applied lightly, and then used my regular night time moisture cream on top. It absorbed into my skin fairly quickly, and the scent seemed to fade fast. By morning, my skin felt nice and soft. I normally take my eye makeup off with Olive oil alone, and know how well it hydrates the delicate skin, so I knew that the soap would do the same. It cleaned, without being harsh & drying. The serum contains Carrot oil, which is known to help with wrinkles, so its great to apply lightly around the eyes, as well as Geranium oil which is good for both dry skin, as well as oily skin prone to acne breakouts.

I did find these too strong and slightly unpleasant to my senses for use on a regular basis, and prefer my products fragrance free. Especially for my face. Once brought to the creators of Lavenders attention, they informed me that their products are also available in a scent free version for those sensitive to fragrance.

Lavender Cosmetics sells a wide range of products from Deodorant, to Hair Care. All made with natural, biodegradable ingredients. If you want to know more about Lavender Cosmetics check out there website, where you can order these, and many more products.

serumfacial soap

Olive Oil Facial Soap – $33
Serum – $59


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