LifeFactory Water Bottles

16oz glass bottle, with flip top in grass green

16oz glass bottle, with flip top in grass green

These LifeFactory glass water bottles are great! They feel nice in your hand, are easy to hold, and have a cute little handle on the lid. They come in a wide variety of colors like this green (that they were nice enough to send us to test above), or you can get yours in pink, blue, grey, etc… You can also get them in a flip top, or classic cap (which is great for travel or hiking, to prevent leakage!), and coming in spring 2013, a straw cap as well. To make your bottles even more fun, you can customize them! LifeFactory also sells the tops by themselves, so you can switch between types of caps, or mix & match your colors.
They are also available in 2 sizes for adults (14oz & 22oz), a 9oz for kids, 9oz for toddlers, or baby bottles (4oz or 9oz).   All Lifefactory accessories are BPA-free, phthalate-free and dishwasher safe. Covered in a silicone sleeve, to help prevent breakage. I found it also gave you a nice grip on the bottle.  All glass is also recyclable, made from natural ingredients.
Prices range from $14.99 for the 4oz baby bottle, to $24.99 for the 22oz adult bottle.
Check out for more info and to order!

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